Outside the Bubble: November 14-20

It’s been a busy week. Not necessarily a very good week, but it’s at least been busy. And there’s snow on the ground this morning, so there’s that.

The headlines from this past week span from Star Wars, to Hamilton, to Metallica and more. Let’s sort through the madness and take a look outside the bubble.

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Five classes to fill your “Senior Spring”

Thanks to the plethora of AP courses offered at my alma mater Arlington High, I happen to be down to my final seven credits before I graduate. My time as a Marist Red Fox is coming to a close, and the dreaded Registration Day draws near.

But seven credits is an awkward number.

Two classes will not be enough to cover the credits I need. Six of my credits will be requirements for my communications major, rounding out my degree. My final credit can be anything I so choose. I began poking around my Self-Service Banner for options.

Hence, behold: the list of classes to take just for the heck of it.

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WMAR fixes “ridiculous” tech issues, problems still linger

The WMAR radio station is back and fully functioning.

Didn’t notice? You are probably not alone.

Marist College’s radio station spend two months dormant, unable to broadcast to the outside world. A technical glitch in the newly updated computer system prevented a connection to the online stream that feeds from the studio; a glitch that went unnoticed by the WMAR club board, the Media Center and the school’s IT department.

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“Bheard” project to be released tomorrow

Brandon Heard has something big cooking.

Marist’s student body president took to Facebook on October 1st with a cryptic message:

“Six hour meeting with your IT team. Marist, we have something big coming your way. #GetPumped.”

Just over a week later on October 9th, Heard posted an equally mysterious though captivating video advertising “Marist’s next big thing:” bheard. Not much was revealed in the 35-second trailer; just that whatever this was, it was a “really really really really really revolutionary idea.” A tagline at the end of the video reads, “be connected, be foxy, be heard.”

As the video’s hit count reaches 3,500 and beyond, one question still lingers- what exactly is bheard?

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Student EMT service being pitched to Marist administration

Marist College could soon have a new task force to answer the call.

A group of Marist students, headed by senior Tyler Robinson, are looking to formulate a student-run Emergency Medical Service group based on campus. The group would consist of student volunteers with Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) licenses or official Basic Life Support training.

Robinson has toiled with this concept for two years and is finally working to make it happen before his graduation. His plan began simply, recruiting interested students on Facebook and creating a private group, now 22 members strong. Now it appears to be gaining traction, as talks between the group and Marist Administration have been ongoing for several weeks.

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Rain holds off for men’s league championship


D’backs pitcher Nick Ugarte looks in for the sign against the Cubs’ Mike Gajdos.

The Hudson Valley National Adult Baseball Association narrowly avoided a major scheduling conundrum.

Rain threatened the playability of the championship game for their Rec Division, as early morning storms rolled through Dutchess County this past Sunday.

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