Marist Wins 2014 Northeast Regional Ethics Competition

This past Saturday, December 6th, twelve Marist students went to Sacred Heart University to compete in the Northeast Regional Ethics Competition.

The competition consisted of schools all around the Northeast totaling in twenty teams. Marist had two teams, one with five students, and one with seven.

Under Dr. Joanne Gavin, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Professor of Management, Marist’s two teams placed in fifth and first place. After coming in third place last year, it meant a lot to the team to come in first place this time.

“It feels really good to win after putting so much time and effort into it. Ryan Ellman did a great job securing the win for Marist again” said Taber Rueter, who was on the team that came in fifth. “All semester we have been preparing for it and the night before we were all together going over everything to make sure we were ready and our minds were clear” he added.

The team that came in fifth place. Top form left to right: Deanna Devito, Taber Rueter, Frdrik Bejerke, Aileen Carrol, Sabrina Tahir Bottom: Sam Devito, Matel Anasta.

The team that came in fifth place.
Top form left to right: Deanna Devito, Taber Rueter, Frdrik Bejerke, Aileen Carrol, Sabrina Tahir
Bottom: Sam Devito, Matel Anasta.

The competition started at 8:30 a.m. and ended at 6 p.m. It had six rounds and teams were given a range of topics to debate and prove ethical or unethical, for instance the legalization of drugs.

The team worked hard and it showed on Saturday bringing home the trophy for Marist.

Marist Concert To Benefit The Wounded Warrior Project

“Please sit back and enjoy our concert dedicated to the heroes of America”. These were the words said by Arthur Himmelberger, the Director of Music and the Director of Bands, before conducting his band to play.

This past Saturday the Marist College Band held an event called “Red, White & Blue: We All Thank You” to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project in the Nelly Goletti Theatre in the Marist College Student Center.

It consisted of the Marist College Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, and Orchestra tickets were five dollars for students and senior citizens, and ten dollars for the general public. There were two concerts held on Saturday with the first being at one o’clock and the second at five. Before the concert there was a video playing showing the heroes that received the Medal of Honor and telling their story as well as raffle tickets with the winners announced in between the two concerts.

The Marist Band getting ready to perform for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Marist Band getting ready to perform for the Wounded Warrior Project.

A portion of both the ticket sales as well as the raffle ticket sales were donated to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The organization was founded in 2002 and is a veteran service that offers different services, programs and events to aid wounded veterans of military actions after September 11th, 2001. The Warrior Wounded Project serves three main purposes. Those purposes are to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. Their vision is “to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history” as reported on their website. The organization has five core values which are fun, integrity, loyalty, innovation, and service.

By 2017 the Wounded Warrior project plans to have helped 100,000 families from the donations received. “We have to take it upon ourselves, the public sector, to reach and help out these wonderful people who risked their lives to help us” said Himmelberger. “One story that I read about that really sticks out to me is that there was a mother who served living in a car with her baby in North Dakota. Wounded Warrior found her and granted her $11,000 of the money she was supposed to receive but never did and she said ‘Now I can get a hotel room to sleep in, but first I am going to get a warm meal for my baby’. That story really makes me love what the Wounded Warrior Project does, they found this woman and changed her life” Himmelberger said.

It is a great cause and the band had a little extra emotion knowing what they were playing for.

“I think that with any concert there is a certain level of joy that reaches you as a musician; not matter what you play you’re always reaching an audience, and that in itself is a fantastic feeling. But this concert was such a pleasure, not only because our ticket proceeds are going to the wounded warrior project, but because we touched the hearts of the people in the audience that may have served or have a loved one currently serving” said senior clarinet player Rachael Black.

The people in the audience were definitely touched. Throughout the performance at any point you could see somebody getting emotional. During one of the song’s Himmelberger shouted out the branches of the United States Armed Forces and anybody in the audience who served for that branch or had a close loved one currently serving would stand up as the band played in their honor.

“I served in the army so the Wounded Warrior Project is something special to me, but I also wanted to give recognition to the people in the audience who have fought for our country” said Himmelberger. “They came to see us perform and I wanted to show them that we respect what they did and put them in the limelight” he added.

The concert provided the band with a great feeling knowing that they are helping, but audience members and people who served also love what they did.

“My father served as a marine, and my brother followed in his footsteps so I am here on behalf of both of them. I think it is really great that the band does this. I feel like the troops do not always get the recognition they deserve but today was great and the band did a fantastic job” said Amy DeYoung, a Hyde Park resident.

Roy Durocher Jr. was a cavalry scout in the Army. The cavalry scout is responsible for being the eyes and ears of the commander during battle. They engage the enemy in the field track and report their activity and direct the employment of weapon systems to their locations as explained on Roy was shot overseas and loves when people do things to benefit the wounded warrior project.

“I was lucky that when I was shot that it was not very severe, but people that I knew have been horribly wounded and killed” said Durocher. “It is terrible that these families have their lives changed by losing a loved one or having one injured physically or mentally, but the Wounded Warrior Project is great and I love everything that they do. Hearing about the Marist Band hosting a concert to benefit the organization makes me very happy. It’s always great to hear about people giving us support it makes it feel like I did something that people really appreciate and that is an amazing feeling”.

This also is not the first time that the band has done this. Every fall they put together a concert and donate to the project. It is something close to Arthur Himmelberger as he and his daughter have both served in the Army so putting together this concert and donating every year is special.

Ticket and Program from Saturday's concert.

Ticket and Program from Saturday’s concert.

Although the band is very proud to be a part of this and see’s the importance in it, the preparation is still the same.

“The Marist Band is a very dedicated group of people and we rehearse quite a lot for every show we play. Though the amount of time spent rehearsing for this concert was just as much as we usually rehearse for a concert, a lot of hard work went into perfecting these songs to be the best they can be” said Black.

The Marist Band has six recitals and concerts left this semester all during December for anybody that would like to show support. They do a lot for the community and put in a lot of hard-work to deliver a satisfactory show.

Mens Basketball 2014: What To Watch For

The Marist men’s basketball team has not finished the season with a winning record since the 2007-2008 season when they went 18-14. Despite losing their first game of the season the Red Foxes showed that they are a competitive team ready to take Marist back into the hunt and continue the success of new Head Coach Mike Maker. Coach Maker is known for his winning and with him taking over the team here is a list of things to look for during the 2014-2015 season.

• Khallid Hart
Although Marist lost their first game to Bucknell 75-72, red-shirt sophomore Hart had a great game scoring a career-high 33 points. Last year he averaged 14.7 points a game under Coach Jeff Bower. Hart is really taking control of the team after winning the MAAC Rookie of the Year last season. He is a very exciting player offensively and plans on focusing more on defense this year to become a threat on both sides of the ball. As the season progresses people should watch what Hart does on the court to help lead the Red Foxes to a winning season.

• Coach Maker

Coach Maker (left) after signing to be Head Coach of the Marist Men's Basketball Team

Coach Maker (left) after signing to be Head Coach of the Marist Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach Mike Maker is in his first season with Marist after spending six years at Williams College. While there he had a record of 147-32 and made it on College Insiders list of the top 25 non Division-1 head coaches. “He’s a really gifted coach. He’s a teacher, and players will develop and get better. He’s someone that I think is very professional, and people at the school will enjoy working with him” said Oregon Head Coach Dana Altman who was assisted by Coach Maker during his time at Creighton. Maker is excited to be at the Divison-1 level and the players are excited to have him. “There’s been receptiveness to the new coaching style. “The whole coaching staff has been great, being demanding with us and bonding with us and creating trust from us” said senior Chavaughn Lewis who is the 7th all-time scorer in Marist history.

• Chavaughn Lewis
Lewis is the 7th all-time scores in Marist history and is 537 points away from being first. Lewis is a senior and Maker is happy to have him on his team. “When you look at our senior class, certainly Chavaughn Lewis is an All-MAAC player. I’ve been totally impressed with his ability, his toughness, his competitiveness. He’s lightning in a bottle” said Maker. “We feel so blessed to have him. I wish I had him for more than one year” he added. Being a senior Lewis is ready to win “I’m just ready to get out after it with those guys” he said, with those guys referencing his teammates. While 537 points is no easy feat, with another great season it is possible for Chavaughn Lewis to become Marist’s all-time leading point scorer after having 544 points last season.

Marist’s home opener is this Saturday, November 22nd, against Army at 7 p.m. The first 1,000 students to attend will receive a free Marist T-Shirt. Make sure to watch Hart and Lewis as they are looking to be a top five team under Coach Maker in what is sure to be an exciting season.

Sports Communication Has Made It to Italy

For the first time the Florence campus will be offering courses for sports communication majors. Now students can go to Lorenzo de’ Medici, the campus in Florence Italy, and fulfill their sports communication requirements at the same time. The campus in Florence has been offering one sports course for a few years now which is Sport, Culture, and Communication.

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

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Hidden Gem: Billy Bob’s BBQ

If you like good barbecue, look no further than Billy Bob’s BBQ on Fairmont Ave in Arlington, just ten minutes away from Marist.

Once you walk in you get the feeling that you picked the right barbecue place to experience. The walls are covered with TV’s, license plates from all different states, and big longhorns that give off a southern vibe.

Outside of Billy Bob's

Outside of Billy Bob’s

They have a lot of specials and entertainment throughout the week including Karaoke on Saturday’s and live music every Friday night. Their food and drink specials are great as well. The deals include 50 cent wings with 21 flavors to choose from on Tuesday’s, $1 pulled pork tacos on Wednesday, and $1 draft Budweiser, Bud Light, and their own Billy Bob’s Special Brew on Thursday night from 11 pm until 1 am. During the football games, they have about 8 items on a special menu where everything on it is $6 dollars in addition to $6 dollar pitchers. This special menu their half-sized nachos, which makes you wonder how big the full sized nachos could possibly be for only $3 dollars. Also from 4-7 every day is happy hour so all drinks are only one dollar off.

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Health Services Not Offering Flu Shot On Campus

As the temperatures drop and it gets deeper into fall we are starting to enter flu season. Flu season starts in the fall and hits its peak in January or February.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported high rates of hospitalization and death among people between 18 and 64 years old. 60% of the deaths caused by flu have occurred between the ages of 25 and 64. According to this is the first year since 2009 that the flu is spreading so widely throughout the U.S. Flu symptoms include a fever, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, headaches, chills, and nausea.

College campuses are filled with people making it an easy target for the flu. “All college students should be aware of the potential dangers of getting the flu and get their flu shot to help prevent any outbreak.” says Meghan Murray, a pharmacy technician for CVS. “There is so much interaction between people on a college campus between classes and extracurricular activities the flu can easily be spread around quickly.” says Murray. “Especially in dorms that have a whole floor of students share a bathroom, students have to be careful” Murray added.

Getting the flu shot reduces the risk of seeing your doctor for flu-like symptoms by about 60%. It is still possible to get sick after getting vaccinated but it reduces the risk a lot and usually does not cost too much.

Right now Marist is not offering the flu shot to students at Health Services. Instead of doing it on campus they have an agreement with the Rite Aid across the street where students can go. Students over the age of 18 with a valid Marist ID can get a flu shot for only ten dollars. Not having the flu shot available on campus has left students with mixed emotions.

The shirts that all Rite Aid employees wear to promote getting the flu shot.

The shirts that all Rite Aid employees wear to promote getting the flu shot.

“I already got my flu shot the other day.” says Matt Sokoloff, a senior at Marist. “I have been getting my flu shot every year since freshman year and have yet to get sick.” “I go to my doctor at home so not having it available on campus doesn’t impact me but I do think they should have it at Health Services to make it easier for students.”

“Last year I didn’t get a flu shot and I didn’t get the flu but I did get sick and have some symptoms so I am going to get one this year” said Allie Soderholm who is a sophomore at Marist. “I wish Marist would do it at Health Services and think that they should to help prevent the flu from going around campus. I feel that if the shot was available on campus a lot more students would go to get it and even though Rite Aid is not far it will stop students from getting their shot” added Soderholm.

While some students are not impacted by not having a flu shot available on campus some students do not want to have to go through Rite Aid.

Taber Rueter, a senior at Marist College said that if a flu shot was available on campus he would probably get one but since it isn’t he will not get one. “For me it is about convenience and Health Services would be very convenient. Having to go to Rite Aid is not ideal so I will probably just skip getting the flu shot. I think it is good that they do have an agreement with Rite Aid and that it is only ten dollars but it would just be a lot easier for me personally if I could walk to Health Services, get my flu shot and be done with it”.

According to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center only about 20% of college students get their flu shot as it is so making it less convenient for students will only make it drop. It was even thought of to have flu shots available at sporting events or day-long campaigns at Wake Forest to increase the number of their students getting their shots.

The CDC stated that it is estimated that more than 200,000 people are hospitalized for flu-related complications each year. 200,000 people throughout the U.S. are not astronomical but it is a big group of people to be effected by one infection.

Although Rite Aid is across the street from campus students do not want to deal with having to go there. With Marist not offering the flu shot on campus the percentage of students getting their flu shots is expected to drop.

Dropping Temperatures Impact Physical Activity

With fall rapidly approaching people are making the most out of the warmer weather while they still can.

“I like to get out here and throw around while I can before it gets too cold” says Matt De Oliveira who was tossing the football around with friends. “When it gets colder it is a lot harder to just go outside and do something with your friends so we have been enjoying the last couple of sunny days”.

Although the past few days have still been in the low 70’s high 60’s people are still noticing that the nights are steadily in the 40’s. As summer is coming to an end it seems that motivation for activity is also.

Justin Horn, a member of Mike Arteaga’s Health and Fitness Center said “Every year around this time I find myself going to the gym less and less because when it’s cold I have trouble getting out and coming here”. He hopes that this year will be different and that the cold will not stop him. For now the gym is still a priority “This past week has been perfect it is not too hot, not too cold and it is looking like next week is supposed to be a good week too so I’ve been coming here any chance that I get”.

Next week is supposed to be a nice one for anyone looking to take advantage. While Sunday and Monday are expected to have rain the rest of the days are looking sunny with the coldest day being 68 degrees. With October coming in exactly two weeks the weather is holding up nicely.

The walking bridge over the Hudson River has been filled with people the past couple of weeks. When it is nice out people go out on the bridge for a nice walk in the fresh air and some people use it as their outside running route.

“I love coming out here to just get away and walk, I like to get on the bridge at least three times a week” said Megan Tencza. “Recently there have been more people on the bridge and I do think that it is because the weather has been like this.” Tencza has been going out on the bridge for years and says that even though everybody is there now in a few weeks it well be much less popular. “Each year September and April see the most people on the bridge. The cold turn’s people away, nobody wants to be walking around cold with jackets on.”

As the temperatures continue to drop people are out taking advantage of their last few weeks outdoors. If you enjoy being active outside time is running out. The Hudson Valley has seen some harsh winters and this year is not supposed to be different. The almanac is predicting another freezing winter with December being in the single digits. With another cold winter coming and a surprisingly nice entrance to fall the people are still out taking in all the sun that they can.