The Legalization of Marijuana: How Far it Has Come and How it Could Affect Marist


States with medial and decriminalized marijuana in the United States

Following the 2012 decisions of Colorado and Washington to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, many states including Oregon and Alaska, as well as the District of Columbia, have made more of a move towards being slightly more lenient with regards to Marijuana.

Hitting considerably more close to home for students at Marist was the recent decision on July 5 by governor Cuomo to legalize a limited medicinal use of marijuana in New York state. This decision makes New York the 23rd state in the nation to legalize some form of medical marijuana, and although it allows for some medical uses, the law itself is very limited and does not even allow consumption of marijuana through its most commonly used way, smoking. Continue reading

Hancock Lounge: A Popular Destination for Studying

During finals week, the communal study areas of the Marist College campus become flooded with students desperately trying to finish the multitude of papers and projects assigned at the end of the semester. Usually a relatively quiet lounge, tonight, the Hancock center lounge is uncharacteristically filled with students due to its close proximity to a cafe as well as its comfortable and luscious interior. As a relatively new building, Hancock is furnished with very comfortable seats and very nice work areas.

Senior Math major Patrick Carter is a regular at the Hancock lounge and does most of his homework there. “It’s close to the Starbucks and its pretty quiet except for in between classes,” Carter stated, adding, “There isn’t too much seating, so normally it isn’t a problem to work here, but tonight is more people than I’m used to seeing here.”

Carter expects more students to come filing in as the library gets more and more full as the night goes on. “Last night my roommate saw kids sitting on the floor of the library doing work,” adding, “That probably will make it even more packed over here when people see there’s no room to study in the library”

Avoiding the boot: Clearing up the parking enforcement policies

A common theme among Marist students is the fact that most of us are pretty unclear on the parking enforcement rules at Marist. With various rumors about how many tickets it takes to get a boot or what exactly can you get ticketed for floating around campus, many students simply are not exactly sure what they can and cannot get ticketed for on campus. Outside of the simple rule of parking in your assigned lot to avoid getting a ticket, many students are unclear on the rest of the rules. I was able to catch up with security officer Ann Littlefield and shed a little bit of light on the subject of parking enforcement at Marist so you can avoid getting tickets and the boot in the future.

Parking enforcement fines at Marist vary in price from the small ten dollar fine for not displaying your permit to an expensive 75 dollar ticket for displaying an unauthorized or altered permit on your car. However, most tickets fall into the 25 dollar category, which is given to those parking in the wrong lots or for not parking in an assigned space.

Car boot

Car Boot (Courtesy of Google Images)

After multiple offenses at Marist, often times a car will be booted. While we have all no doubt seen cars in the parking lots with boots on them, many students do not know just how many outstanding infractions they can have before their car gets booted. Getting booted at Marist comes with a 35 dollar price tag to have it removed and according to Marist Security policy, “Vehicles booted must pay fines and remove vehicle within 48 hours or vehicle will be towed.” Yet the online Marist parking enforcement rules do not give specifics on what exactly leads you to get booted, and simply states “repeat offenders will be booted”, leaving much room for interpretation to the standard reader. Littlefield verified this saying that there is in fact no exact limit on how many tickets is required for a boot. However, she did say that it is usually 3 or more tickets, or 2 to 3 if the violations are all for the same offense. It is safe to say that even if you haven’t paid 2 to 3 of your tickets, you should be expecting to be booted sometime soon.

Some students at Marist don’t register to park on campus and try and evade security and not pay their parking tickets. However, Officer Littlefield said that those tactics don’t usually work for getting out of paying tickets. “We have a database where you can type in a license plate number and bring up all of the information about that car,” She added, “you can also type in a students ID and bring up the information there.” She also added however, that the enforcement policies for unregistered vehicles are very similar to those for registered student vehicles. This means that even if you don’t register your car with Marist, they can still tell how many times your car has been ticketed and still eventually boot your car.

One of the major problems that many students who live off campus faced is the event that both the Beck and McCann parking lots are entirely filled, leaving the off campus students with nowhere to park. Many students do not understand the proper protocol for this scenario and thus end up getting tickets that they are not happy with. According to Officer Littlefield you are supposed to, “Call in and let us know the lots are full,” adding, “we will send an officer to verify that the lots are full and then we will give you a new lot number to park in.” Although this may cost you a small amount of time, it saves you the price of having to pay more money.

One of the lesser known things that Marist Security is allowed to ticket for is for certain moving violations as well as parking infractions. Although the Marist Security policy states that, “Vehicles shall be operated on campus at all times so as not to endanger life or property. No person shall drive a vehicle on College roadways or in College parking areas at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent under the existing conditions, but in no event at a speed greater than 20 miles per hour.” It leaves out the vital information that Marist Security is allowed to ticket for moving violations as well. In addition to parking infractions, Marist Security can ticket for speeding over 20 miles per hour on campus as well as running stop signs. However, this is far less frequent according to Officer Littlefield. “We’re not cops, most of the time we won’t ticket for driving too fast, we’ll usually just tell you to slow it down.” She said, adding, “its mostly just parking tickets.” While this is a lesser used form of ticketing, it is one that affects Marist students and that students should be aware of nonetheless.

Asked if overall students not paying parking tickets was an issue, Officer Littlefield said that although most students do in fact pay their tickets on time, there still is an issue with some that are not paid on time. However, the price of these unpaid tickets is simply added on to your account at Marist, meaning you are paying for it one way or another. Littlefield added, “As a security officer and a mother, I just wish everyone would park in their own lots.” However, if for some reason you do end up getting a ticket and feel the need to fight it, there is always an appeal form you can fill out to contest the ticket. These appeals are handled by student government and are a final verdict.

Although some of these rules may be inconvenient to follow when pressed for time and rushing to or from class, following these simple rules will keep you from having to pay unnecessary fines to the school and keep the boot off of your car.

Election Day: How It Affects You

With many students who don’t hail from the area, many of the local elections simply go over our heads. Here is a quick look into the races that directly affect us as Marist students, and how these elections may affect us in the future.

1.   New York State Governor


Incumbent Governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo held his seat against Republican Rob Astornio in this month’s race for State Governor of New York, winning 54-40%.

How Does This Affect the Marist Student?

Cuomo has proven that he is committed to helping improve the economy of the upstate area of New York. Along with pledging to give 1.5 billion dollars in state funding to Upstate New York, Cuomo also has lightened up regulations on alcohol and has made a push for an expansion of casino gaming. Cuomo intends to grow the Alcohol manufacturing industry in New York, which only means more alcohol for us Marist students!

2.   New York 19th Congressional District


Incumbent Congressman, Republican Chris Gibson defended his post against Democrat Sean Eldridge. Gibson beat out Eldridge 65-35%.

How Does This Affect the Marist Student?eagle

Gibson is known for his ability to get things done in Washington. He tends to have a very strong focus towards local issues and genuinely cares about the population he represents. Recently, Gibson sponsored a bill to lower the excise tax on hard alcohol, so as college students, it might be worthwhile to have this man in our corner.

3.   New York 41st State Senate District


Republican challenger, Sue Serino knocked off Incumbent Terry Gipson for the position of representing New York’s 41st State Senate District.

How Does This Affect the Marist Student?

Serino is steady in her belief of repealing the NY Safe gun control act as well as lowering all of the taxes in New York. One specific tax she has opposed is the Dutchess County Energy tax. She intends to repeal this tax, which would help save those of us students who live off campus a whopping 3.75% on our energy bills!   

4.   New York 106th State Assembly District


Incumbent Democrat Didi Barrett defeated her opponent Republican Michael Kelsey for the right to represent the 106th state assembly district.

How Does This Affect the Marist Student?

Barrett is extremely committed to bringing more life back into the Hudson Valley. She strongly supports business growth in the Hudson Valley which will only help the current revitalization of our Waterfront District in Poughkeepsie, a place where many Marist students frequent for nightlife in our area.

Josh Royce: More Than Your Average Athlete

When thinking of your typical collegiate football player, media production is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, for senior Wide Receiver Josh Royce, this aspect of his life defines him just as much as his on the field contributions. Royce is known for being a contributing member of the Marist offense as well as creating a Marist Football promo video during the course of Marist’s 2013 Pioneer Football league championship season while he was injured. The video garnered a lot of attention and quickly became the most watched Marist football promotional video on the internet.

Royce initially got into media production in the 7th grade by making short funny videos with his friends. As he got older, he noticed that this was in fact his passion by making his own highlight videos for football. Eventually, upon coming to college Royce decided to pursue it full time, he became a Media Production major here at Marist. Much of what Royce knows is self taught, as he learn most of the information through the videos he made with his friends. Here at Marist, Royce has been given a great opportunity to combine his two loves of football and media production, merging them into something flashy and creative.


Royce making a tip toe catch along the sidelines

Royce was hit with a major setback on the football field in 2013, suffering a serious knee injury that forced him to sit out the entirety of the season. During this time, Royce said the time away from football gave him some perspective on things, saying, “It reminded me of what I really wanted to do in school.” It was during this time that he began to film promotional videos for the Marist football team. Royce also added, “The promotional video really gave me something to do when I was injured.” The video, chronicling the journey of the Marist football team from preseason to Pioneer League Champions has garnered the most views for a Marist football video, with over 3,200 and still counting. The fact that Royce has an insider understanding of what it means to be a football player has helped his media production abilities as well, saying, “A lot of the kids in the media department aren’t athletes and don’t really know what to look for,” Royce commented. “I play football, I know what to look for.”

Royce likes to do things somewhat differently from the traditional Media Production major. He defines his style as more modern and having more flash and creativity than other styles of Media Production majors. He also states that although much of what he learns in school is helpful, the type of media production that he is into is more of a modern style and not necessarily taught in a school setting, saying, “they don’t really teach you how to make flashy videos like music videos or highlight films.” This has caused Royce to do more media production on his own for himself which in turn has led to an increased passion for his area of study, as although he does not follow the traditional norms in terms of media production, he has been successful in doing his own thing.  “You think of stories in your mind and they’re like movies,” Royce stated, adding “it makes your imagination come to life.”

Although filming and editing is what Royce is known for off the field, he says he aspires to be like Steven Spielberg and do it all, meaning directing, editing, writing, and production. Royce took a step in this direction last year, writing an award winning script for a short film called “Closure”, Royce was recognized for his efforts by the Marist Media Department.

This year, Royce is no longer injured and back to being one of the contributors on the Marist Football Team. Although he no longer has the free time his injury gave him to pursue his passion, this hasn’t compromised his love of filming and editing. Following his graduation from Marist, Royce says he wants to go more in the freelance direction of media production. Along with flashy highlight videos, Royce also has a deep interest in travel and different cultures and customs. His dream is to travel the world and film different places and cultures. Royce summed it up perfectly, saying “I just want to enjoy my life and catch it all on film.”

Marist College Football Promo Video by Josh Royce

Marist vs. Jacksonville Pre Game Pump Up by Josh Royce

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant: A Delicious New Option


Located just 10 minutes away from Marist lies the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, a small Thai restaurant in a quiet neighborhood started in just 2011. Although unassuming from the outside, inside, the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant offers a genuine Thai feel that makes you know that you are somewhere authentic.

The authenticity of the restaurant is the first thing that one notices upon entering the restaurant. Lining the walls were all sorts of traditional Thai ornaments and tapestries. Along with the feel inside the place, the service is great. Food comes fresh out of the kitchen in a surprisingly short amount of time, and there is always someone around making sure every part of your meal is perfect.

Lemongrass offers a wide variety of food both on their lunch menu and dinner menu. Two of the most popular items on the menu according to a manager at the restaurant, are the Pad Thai and the Pad See Awe. “These are both simple easy noodle dishes.” He claimed, “Many people like these.” The portions offered for the Pad Thai and Pad See Awe are huge as well, easily offering another meal or two simply from the leftovers. Most entrees on the menu cost around 10.95, with only a few special entrees costing a couple dollars more here and there.

Another dish worth trying is the Pad Gapow, a spicy blend of beef, chicken, or pork mixed with hot chili peppers and garlic in a spicy Thai sauce. Before ordering, you have an option of how spicy you would like it made, in case you can’t handle too much spiciness.

Along with offering a wealth of delicious Thai appetizers and dishes, Lemongrass also offers a couple of interesting Thai beer selections. Recommended by the restaurant is Singha, a popular beer in Thailand. Also offered is the best selling beer in Thailand, Beer Chang. Both compliment the dishes at the restaurant well, and are worth checking out.

When asked if he had any final words for any Marist Students looking for good Thai food in the area, the manager replied, “Just come in and try my food. I know you will like.” A bold statement, yes, but one that the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant strives hard to live up to.

Due to the lack of quality Thai food in the direct vicinity of the Marist campus, Lemongrass offers a great spot to get away and enjoy a delicious, filling meal and a beer all at an affordable price. You can find the Lemongrass Cafe at 25 Langrange Avenue in Poughkeepsie. Weekdays Lemongrass opens at 11:30 am and closes at 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm on Fridays. Lemongrass is also open on weekends too, with reduced hours. You can reach the Lemongrass Cafe at (845) 454-2156.

Quick turn of weather ominous to Poughkeepsie residents

As of recent a cold front has been sweeping through Poughkeepsie. After weeks of weather reaching well into the high 80 to low 90 degree range, weather has dipped down quickly into the 60’s with cold winds reaching around 10 miles an hour in most areas of Poughkeepsie and gusting into the low 20’s. Along with this cold weather and winds, this weekend saw some rain as well, with rain falling during the day on Saturday, although only accumulating to around .17 inches. Continue reading