A look at people we see everyday

Attending a private liberal arts college, it’s easy to think we know everyone we go to school with. However, as Gabriella Gamba, an editor of The Circle at Marist College, mentioned, “When it comes down to it, everyone is confined to their own friend groups. We thought if we could highlight all those people we don’t know, it would give [everyone] a new perspective.” Alongside sophomores, Adler Papiernik and Kerry Tiedemann, Gamba launched the Instagram account known as Marist Stories.

Inspired after the original Humans of New York, and later the capping project that became a Facebook page, Humans of Marist College; Gamba, had been talking about restarting something like this at Marist for months with her Circle colleague, Bernadette Hogan. As she pitched the idea to Papiernik and Tiedemann, “[the three of us] just spearheaded it,” she mentioned. Trying to get students to have a better understanding of the culture around campus, Gamba, Papiernik, and Tiedemann began walking around campus acquiring content and developing ideas.

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Marist’s Intramural Athletes Take the Field

Once a varsity student graduates high school they must make one of three choices as they enter college. To pack up their gear and leave the sport behind, to pursue this sport professionally –representing their university, or to join the intramural teams on their college campus. Known for its Division I sports, Marist College athletes are constantly practicing and making sure they are focused for big games. But what about the athletes who continue to represent the school that don’t wear the Marist logo on their jersey ?

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Health and Wellness Committee of the Poughkeepsie City School District meets for the first time this year

The Poughkeepsie City School District Wellness Committee held its first meeting of the year this past Thursday, October 13th at 3:15 in the Middle School Library. Members and volunteers of the committee sat down to discuss current health and wellness related issues as well as successful events going on throughout the district.

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Marist alum helping improve college life

Every year Marist staff and faculty say farewell to the graduating class, while the Office of College Advancement is merely opening its doors to them. Located on the ground floor of Fontaine Hall, this office is home to Marist Alumni everywhere.

Philanthropy is simply a fancy word for giving back. As Marist Alumni successfully dive deep into the workforce, it is common for many of them to return their gratitude through donations to the place that got them started.


Every semester Marist College sees new plans for a building that’s going to be constructed the following year, spaces being renovated, technology on campus constantly updated, all while new student programs appear. Student’s tuition covers a great portion of all these plans, but with the on going progress at Marist, it is also the Alumni that help in these developments. Fortunately, with their generous donations and loyal support Marist has continued to grow.

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Marist Dining Hall Serving Thousands of Meals A Day

Throughout the school year I have managed to cook a nice meal for myself maybe once or twice a week. Finding the time and devoting energy into preparing a plate of food in which I would consume in less time than it took to make, is difficult. So how does one produce say 43 to 44 hundred meals a day? When I say meal, I am not referring to the easy mac that most of us have eaten at one point in our college lives, but rather a scoop of vegan rice with a side of roasted sesame salmon, topped off with fresh green beans.

Most likely working in a college dining hall will prepare you for a job this ambitious.

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Camping out in the Student Center to avoid heat

It’s not too often students blame the weather for a majority of their complaints. Recent weather reports display temperatures in August and September were surprisingly higher than average. As global warming continues to become a prominent issue, we notice the effect our environment has on Marist campus and students.

Marist College, located in Poughkeepsie, New York is a highly selective private liberal arts school. Currently facing a period of rebirth as we embark on new construction projects, it seems as though even Marist can’t escape the weather complaints that come with living in upstate New York.

As I sat with Justin Butwell, Director of Physical Plant at Marist, who oversees all grounds maintenance and construction projects; he gave me an overview of how the buildings function during this time of year. We have hit the awkward period where one week is blazing heat and the other is filled with chillier nights. Taking a closer look at the campus, a majority of the buildings are equipped with air conditioning and heat making the summer and winter months more bearable. But it is those in-between weeks that get Marist students riled up. About 65% of student dorms are furnished with AC systems, while the rest are unfortunately missing this. Continue reading