Jelly Belly Deli: the Food Destination you Haven’t Heard of

In my own opinion, eating foods at the same places can grow to be very unappealing to one’s appetite.  On the other hand, trying new restaurants could be worthwhile.

The first three years of college I chose to live on campus.  Whenever we grew tired of the food provided by the cafeteria, my friends and I would find food elsewhere.  We would order dominoes, Chinese food, and more often than not, we walk across the street to Campus Deli; at least before they started to deliver.

Living off-campus the past two years has exposed me to various appealing food establishments.  On the corner of Washington and High Street is Jelly Belly Deli.  According to Taylor Street resident Tashon Cromartie, “Jelly Belly doesn’t get the respect that it deserves. “

Cromartie may be right and suggests that the location is the cause of this hidden gem.  Senior Kyle Zeyher blames Jelly Belly’s location for its lack of existence to the Marist student.  “The common freshmen or sophomore would rather travel a short distance for their meals,” said Zeyher. “This makes places like McDonald’s, Campus Deli, and Red Fox Eatery ideal destinations.” Continue reading

Thanksgiving Break Generates Mixed Feelings

It’s that time of year when Thanksgiving break signals the end of the semester; at least for some like fifth-year senior Bartley Leneghan who took his last class of the semester earlier today, while for others the break brings the emergence of finals week.

Leneghan had previously completed the majority of his courses over four years at Marist which made him eligible to walk in last summer’s commencement ceremony giving him the opportunity for an early exit the following semester.

As Leneghan was taking his final lap around campus he said, I have so many memories here that will never get old.  It’s going to be weird coming back here as an alum.  But, everyone’s time comes.” Continue reading

#Marist: Trends for the week of October 29 – November 4

1. Hunger Walk

Marist had its annual Hunger Walk Wednesday, October 30th.  The walk started at 12 p.m.  in front of Champagnat, where participants then walked a route that leads across campus and through the south gate on to route 9 until returning back through the main gate and in front of Champagnat.

2. Men’s Soccer beats Siena

Freshmen Tudor Brata and Dylan MacVane score their first career goals leading the Marist Men’s soccer team to a 2-1 victory over Siena Wednesday night at Tenney Stadium.     Continue reading

If Football Players at Marist College are doing Yoga, why aren’t you?

During the fall 2013 season, Monday practice has been routine for the Marist College Football team; weightlifting, film, and yoga, yes you heard right, yoga.  As surprising as this may seem, this has been a routine that the football team  has done for years according to senior all-conference tackle, Phede Celestin who would much rather  hold some postures that are important in stretching out the soreness in his body instead of running 100s, which Celestin claims to be the alternative, at least in the past.

Senior standout wide receiver, Armani Martin approaches yoga in a different manner.  “Stretching is important to my body; I’ve realized that over the past two years.  Last year I dealt with two knee injuries both during and after the season.  My mentality has changed to the point where I know that I will only get out what I put in.  This starts with football and I’ve applied it to everything including yoga.”  This season has been Martin’s best.  He leads the conference in receiving touchdowns with eight, and attributes his success to the benefits of yoga which has helped him keep his body balanced with each he weekly session that he attends.

Everyone has their own opinion in regards to yoga which is why they will either engage in a session, or do the latter.  According to, “despite what you may think, yoga isn’t just for women.  Plenty of major sports teams and athletes work this ancient stretching and strength discipline into their pre and off-season workouts.”

The site praises the benefits of yoga for men, as well as athletes because no matter how flexible, strong, or in shape you may feel from other training, yoga will make it that much better because it serves as form of a maintenance drill where you work on the little things that come together as a whole. “Holding your body up will give you the strength that weights won’t, balancing some poses are essential in preventing most common falls and injury, and the concentration acquired through practicing yoga helps your body endure all sorts of conditions and distractions that you are surrounded by,” says Lori Matthews, who instructs the yoga sessions for the football team.  Continue reading

Looney Setting the Bar, Breaks Program Passing Records

Poughkeepsie, N.Y – For the past two weeks, Marist College senior quarterback Chuckie Looney has been rewriting history in the program’s record books with the first coming Saturday October 5, 2013, when set the program’s all-time passing yards record as Marist shutout conference foe Valparaiso 37-0 at home, and the following week October 12, 2013, he threw five touchdown passes in a 35-33 loss at San Diego, the new single-game record.

“I am honored that I am being recognized for my play on the field,” says Looney “these achievements are great but, my primary focus is on the Pioneer Football League championship that is so close to my team’s grasps.  I just have to remain humble and not get distracted by these achievements so that I can make my main goal a reality and then I can look back on my last season at Marist.”

In the 37-0 victory over Valparaiso at home, Looney, who was pulled from the game late in the third quarter, threw for two touchdowns, 188 yards, and was 11- for-15 on the day.  126 of Looney’s passing yards, and a touchdown went to fifth-year senior receiver Bartley Leneghan.  Leneghan spoke on Looney’s recent accomplishment saying “Chuck has really gotten into the zone.  As an offense we don’t move until Chuck does.  He’s our leader and has really been doing a good job this year.  It’s amazing how much he has matured and is only getting better.”

Looney drops back to pass in Marist's  37-0 win against Valparaiso October 5, 2013.

Looney drops back to pass in Marist’s 37-0 win against Valparaiso October 5, 2013.

After Saturday, Looney now has 4,874 career passing yards, eclipsing the former record of 4,703 yards by James Luft, who played from 2001- 2005.     Continue reading

Supporters gather for Second Annual Angel Walk on the Walkway Over the Hudson

September 29, 2013 – A crowd totaling over 200 people made their way to the Walkway over the Hudson for the second Annual Angel Walk honoring the relationship with children who have pediatric brain tumors.  Registration began at 9 a.m. and ended at 11 a.m.  Activities like face painting and balloon animals were provided during the waiting period.  Prior to the start of the walk, a few took the stage to speak to supporters and the singing of the star spangled banner followed.

At approximately 11:15 a.m., the supporters who have adopted a child to their sports team through Vassar, Marist College, as well as other schools and individuals who have taken a personal interest in these children started to stroll down the walkway following the lead of the piper.

Along the walkway rails there are 84 paper-made doves on opposite sides with the names of those children who have passed due to their condition and were members of the Friends of Jaclyn foundation dating back 2007.

The idea of death is something that the foundation and team members try to avoid when in contact with these children by distracting them with various activities that are geared towards the personal enjoyment of the child.  Death is something that can’t be avoided but should not be dwelled on.

This is why, according to Jaclyn Murphy that the importance of the walk is to “Remember and honor the children who have earned their wings.  It is devastating for parents to lose their child.”

In 2004, 9-year-old Jaclyn Murphy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  While in the hospital, Murphy was inspired by a photo of a woman celebrating her team’s championship in lacrosse.  This made Murphy feel good because she loved to play the sport and hoped to again once she was well.

Friends of the Murphy family told the Northwestern University’s Women’s Lacrosse team and the coach about her story and asked if there is anything that could be done for Jaclyn.  In 2005, they adopted Jaclyn as their honorary team member.  Jaclyn’s spirit inspired the team to play selflessly as they achieved a undefeated season winning their first NCAA championship in 64 years.  Continue reading