Sage advice from seniors to underclassman

As the fall semester is coming to a close, seniors are reflecting on their college experience. For some the close of this semester means their final goodbyes to Marist and for others next semester will be their last. After spending four years at Marist seniors have insightful pieces of advice for the current underclassman following in their footsteps.

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A student’s perspective of political correctness at Marist

There is an important conversation taking place in society about college students and political correctness. How society defines “political correctness” is constantly evolving. Students at universities across the nation are standing up for the issues surrounding cultural insensitivity and racial issues, but some are criticizing them for being “too” politically correct and culturally sensitive. Where are the lines drawn in order to be socially acceptable?

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Registration at Marist, not as bad as it seems

If you are a student at Marist College, the word “registration” may leave you feeling weak at the knees. While registering for classes is a routine event for college students, it can prove to be an extremely stressful time. At Marist College there are several complaints from students about the registration process, but these students should try to stay positive throughout this time. At Marist there are a plethora of resources students may utilize to remedy several of the issues that may arise throughout the registration process.

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A moment at Marist College: the James A. Cannavino Library

Marist College is notable for a vast number of things, but one of the most notable is the James A. Cannavino library. From its regal architecture  to its incredible views, one look at the library may be one of the most enticing reasons to come to Marist. At any moment there are students bustling in and out of the library, fervently typing on their computers, or just chatting with friends. Currently on this Wednesday, the library is full with an interesting plethora of characters.

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The top pros and cons of registration at Marist College

If you are a student at Marist College, the word “registration” probably evokes a variety of emotions. Some students find themselves stressed and overwhelmed, while others try to make the best of the difficult situation by effectively utilizing the resources Marist provides. As Marist students are in the midst of the registration process, here are the top pros and cons of registration:

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College students urged to get flu shots

You wake up one morning and you cannot seem to lift your head off of the pillow. You have a pounding headache, stuffy nose, cough, and feel feverish. Your roommate recently has come down with the flu and you are petrified you may have come down with it yourself. However, all of this pain and suffering could have been avoided with a simple flu shot.

College can be a virtual petri dish for breeding germs that could cause major illnesses. College dorms provide for students to live in close proximity to one another sharing bedrooms, bathrooms, and unfortunately germs. With the winter season approaching, so is flu season. College students should take every precaution to prevent catching the flu or spreading it to their fellow students.

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The fall (and hopefully rise) of the spring concert at Marist College

Spring semester for Marist College students is marked by a variety of events, but one event that receives some of the most attention is the spring concert. Many students are under the impression that the tuition price of Marist has influence on what kind of artist should be performing the spring concert, but this is a wide misconception. There was confusion and disappointment after the last minute performer, the band Bleachers, was announced to be last year’s spring concert. This was deeply reflected in the low attendance rate of approximately 300 students, where typical attendance is approximately 1,000 students.

Past years’ performers of the spring concert include bigger artist names such as the band Goo Goo Dolls and rap artist Big Sean. When the late announcement of the less popular band Bleacher’s performance broke, students were confused and many felt let down. Unfortunately, many students do not understand what factors affect this situation                                                       Continue reading

Swackett3, weather app to aid in seasonal transition

It’s that awkward time of year; one cannot quite tell if it’s yet summer or fall weather.  Upon waking up in the early morning hours it is rather chilly, especially in cities with comparable weather to here in Poughkeepsie. Bundling up for the day seems essential, but by noon one may find themselves sweating as the heat rises. It is difficult to decide if it’s still appropriate weather for your favorite summer activities like going to the beach or laying out in the sun, but perhaps fall allergy season is upon us and it’s best to stay indoors for those affected.

 Although one may have watched the weather report on the morning news or checked your traditional iPhone weather app, viewers and users may feel unprepared for the day’s weather conditions.

The traditional weather app for iPhone leaves a lot to be desired with just merely the high and low temperatures of the day along with potential hourly forecasts. Even typical weather reporters on television have a tendency to provide a lack on information for the every day weather needs. The essentials are reported, but not necessarily the desired information on how to adhere to the daily weather conditions.

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