Life After College Athletics

Jonathan Kanda

News Writing

Professor McNulty



Life After College Athletics


Majority of athletes attend their 4 years College with hope of someday continuing their career at the professional level. As good as it sounds, only 1% of athletes in every sports category, get the chance to play at the next level. The label “Student Athlete” was created to remind athletes to take care of their academics and figure out their back up plans, just in case their plans to play at the professional level do not go through.


Unfortunately, there is still a vast amount of athletes that prioritize their professional dreams without having a back up. The risks of injuries are really high when it comes to sports such as football or soccer. The worst thing that could happen to an athlete is a career ending injury.


I believe every school should encourage their athletes on having a second option after their done with their college athletic career. It is important for not only student athletes, but all students in general to always have more than one plan. “I suffered a torn ACL injury my senior season and all my dreams of going professional ended right there between 30 and 35 yard lines.” Senior Isaiah Watson said. Isaiah who is also an excellent student majoring in business, has already a back up plan. His back up plan to pursuit his master next year at Marist where he will also be an assistant football coach. “Being a coach here was never my plan, but with different circumstances, I had to come up with a different plan.”


Athletes devote all their time and also invest their time in their sports. Some wake up at 5:00 in the morning to go to practice and then get ready for class, to then do homework and do the same thing for the rest of the week. “As an athlete we do not have time for ourselves and just a little bit of time to socialize.” Senior Peter Delatour said.


It has come to a point where we could said that athletes are getting exploid. To be a student athlete has to be one of the hardest thing to do in college and the reason why is because their run against the clock everyday. “Honestly, if i were to start my college career all over, I would not play sports at all because I started feeling like a robot overtime.”  Senior Aaron Jackson said.


I believe that it’s on the coaching staff to have regular meeting with their athletes where they’d be discussing plans after college, back up plans, help their athletes finding internships because at the end of the day, athletes leave their parents and their coaches become a father figure for them, and what does a father does for his children, create a path for a successful future.


Athletes that do not have backup plans should have as a role model George Foreman an ex boxer that after his career started his own successful business, he created the George Foreman grill known for its ability to reduce fat. The reason why athletes should look up to people such as George Foreman is because he’s the perfect example that there is a life after sports, you never know when your career could end so it’s best to have a back up plan.

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