Are College Realtionships Good For You?

IMG_1625.JPGPoughkeepsie, New York With relationships in college it is already hard enough to balance your day with going to class, working on assignments and studying for upcoming tests, and most of finding time to eat is there really time to have a relationship while also balancing everything else?

According to Heather Fishel Article from entitled 7 Surprising College Dating Statistics gives seven facts about college dating. A few of the facts in the article are 1/3 of College Seniors Have Been on Fewer Than Two Dates, and that 25% of College Seniors are Virginsbecause it shows that college students are waiting for the right moment and not just looking for a one-night stand.

“The way I perceived this generations “dating” norms, where going on actual dates doesn’t even seem to be a thing anymore” said Sam Barnes a junior at Suny New Paltz “however with the 25% of college seniors are virgins is a much higher number than I thought.”

“I am not surprised as college is a high-pressure situation where you have to manage your time well” said Marist Senior Jack McNicholas “sometimes people do not have time for a relationship”

Looking at these facts are surprising because it makes us look at college relationships in a totally different way. We look it as a time if students are in relationships that they are going on dates and are sexually active. Which leads to another fact from Fishel article that1-in-4 One in Four College Students Has an STD.

“I do not find it surprising I have witnessed and have associated with college kids that love to party and have sex” said Ashley Albright a senior at Suny New Paltz “since they don’t have parents around they see it as a chance to enjoy life and enjoy the freedom they have to experience the world.”

“STDs I’m not surprised, due to the fact that most of the culture here at Marist College has a strong hook up culture” Donal Coakley “a lot is without the students thinking of the repercussions of engaging in risky behavior

Looking at college relationships we can look at in many different ways. First there is the on-campus relationship where you see each other more often because you both live on campus and that if you are the same major you plan on taking the same classes together or that you plan to see each other threw out the day depending on yours and their schedule for the day.  But with on campus relationships is letting you be close to your significant other there is also another type of relationships that can occur during your time in college and that is long distant relationship.

The long distant relationship is hard in itself depending on where you are going to school and where your partner goes you could be 50 miles away from each other or you could be 550 miles from each other. Now the question here is how do you make the relationship last? With Apps that allow you to have a face to face conversation with someone anywhere in the world you able to see them even though they are far away. second the word trust is thrown into the long distant relationship because you have to trust each other that you won’t cheat on them or they will cheat on you while you two are so far part.

According to Fishel “32.5% of college Relationships are long distance” this is something positive to note and that college students are trying to make the long-distance work.

“I am surprised as somebody who has been in a long-distance relationship I thought it was very uncommon that number seems as though it is a lot more” said McNicholas

So, the answer to if a college relationship can work the answer is up for interpretation because you can look at statistics and numbers but at the end of the day it is up to college students to make it work and make it last.


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