Students Stress Over Summer Plans

With the academic year ending, students have worked through the process of finding their summer plans. Whether they must find an internship to work before coming back to campus, or find a job to work full-time post-graduation, the hunt of the work can be stressful for everyone applying.

“It can be very difficult to find plans for the summer, and it’s stressful as you approach graduation. It can all be quite hard if you do not have connections,” said junior art major, Elif Usluoglu.

According to a document about undergraduate student outcomes that Marist provided in 2017, 98% of their 2017 undergraduates were either employed or enrolled in graduate school post-graduation. While the exact percentage of employment rates differ from school to school within Marist, all remain above 95% are employed after graduation, with the School of Liberal Arts being the lowest at 96% and the Schools of business, science, computer science and mathematics being at 99%, according to that report.

Lidia Bayus will be graduating from Marist in May 2019 with her degree in Business with a concentration in international business. Throughout her undergraduate degree, she held three internships through GE Capital. Post graduation she will be moving to Boston, MA to work for State Street in their Professional Development Program as a Senior Associate to optimize costs within the company.

“I began applying to full-time jobs in July, August, and September which were critical hiring months for finance/operations business jobs. Although I received and accepted my job offer in November, I found my first semester of senior year to be extremely stressful as I was traveling and preparing for interviews while trying to keep up with school work,” Bayus said.

Juniors looking for internships share similar sentiments with the stress of finding an internship. According to the same undergraduate outcome document, in  2017 83% of undergraduate students participated in one or more internships during their undergraduate career and “credit them as one of the primary reasons why they were hired,” according to the document referring to transitioning into a post-graduation career.

Harry Parette is a sophomore honors student majoring in Political Science getting his paralegal certificate and minoring in graphic design. “ After applying you get accepted or rejected and it can be stressful to get rejected although you may not have been set on going there. There is something psychological in getting rejected.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.32.42 PM.pngParette in back center with other interns during the Albany Summer Internship Program

The summer after his freshman year, Parette interned in Senator Hoylman office; an internship which the school assisted him in getting. This summer, going into his junior year, Parette will continue working his academic year job at the Marist Institute of Public Opinion.

Although the internship and job hunt can be stressful for students, it is incredibly important to push through that stress to find an opportunity that can excel you in your field. In regards to how to stay a little stressed as possible during the process, the number one thing a student can do is stay proactive in the hunt. “By proactively searching for jobs over the summer and applying at the beginning of the senior year, I was able to alleviate the stress of obtaining a job after school very quickly.”

Although it can be stressful and hard to find an internship or job post-graduation, it all seems to be worth it. With 98% of students from Marist on average being able to find a job post-graduation in their field, that proves that pushing through and staying focused on the future is important, it works, and you can do it.

Marist College offers resources to assist in the process of finding an internship or job after graduation. One of the best things students can do throughout their time at Marist is using those resources to either find a position or to find guidance. Throughout the year Marist Career Services offer programs and workshops to help with applications, interviews, etc.


Exampled Programs promoted by Career Services for Students


Parette cited that one of the more challenging parts of finding an internship is also one of the more rewarding ones. “Nobody tells you how to make the leap from having reliable housing and having a  community that supports you into a semi work environment where you have to be more independent. But what is good with internships is that you are forced to make that leap.”




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