Leaving Administration Provides Final Last Policies

The Marist College Student Government Association released a slew of new policies and resolutions to take effect within the next semester.

A center point of the administration ran by Ted Dolce ‘19 and Ankofa Billips ‘19 was to resolve and mend race issues on campus. With the new Assembly Resolution, they plan to do just that.

SGA Logo

Marist College Student Government Crest – Courtesy of github.com

While they have just been replaced by the incoming President and Vice President, Joe Sarci ‘20 and Roda Mohamed ‘21, they released these new policies and resolutions mere days before the 2019-2020 administration was sworn in.

The new policies attempt to regulate and fix a corrupt system that clubs and activities have had to struggle with for years; the flier system.

SGA’s report includes multiple ways the system will be fixed and make it more efficient, “SGA is working with Student Activities and Student Affairs to modify the current policy by placing kiosks/outdoor bulletin boards in student hubs such as the North End Dining Hall, Underpass, First Year Quad, Dyson Quad, and the Marketplace where members of the of Marist community would be able to place posters and flyers without a stamp,” the report said.

Students have always had to get the posters approved and then had to be put up for a mere week, or until their event, and the new policies are set to change that. The proposal also introduces the idea of being able to post a flier anonymously, a new concept to the Marist community.

“Anonymous postings that appear under a pseudonym or that do not include clear and unambiguous identifying information about the group or person responsible for them are allowed in designated areas only,” said the released report said.

This same proposal also outlines how organization, distant, or removed from the Marist campus will also be allowed to join the cork boards around campus.

In a lesser note, the SGA released report additionally plans to move their office from the third floor of the student center to the ground floor.

This will help curate a more authentic “student center” feel to the buildings name. SGA hopes to, “revitalizing the student center to be filled with student art, initiatives, and projects advances school spirit and pride along with student innovation,” as stated in the report.

Giving up their glass window clad office on the third floor, SGA will create a more authentic student center on the first floor, with students having easy access to them, as well as the lounge area. They hope this streamlines communication between students and the administration and gives students a place to go.

As previously mentioned the focal point of the administration has been mending racial issues on campus, and with a new resolution to the constitution, Dolce and Billips administration hope to do just that.

They hope that the resolution in the constitution doesn’t stay just within SGA, but is reflected holistically at the administrative level. “Thus the aforementioned condemnation language of this resolution shall be explicitly reflected in the Code of Conduct during its next revisionary period,” Assembly Resolution #1 said.

As final acts before their administration had ended, Dolce and Billips, as always, strive to make Marist a community that welcomes all and can last way past their administration.


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