50 Years of Success at Marist: Alums share why HEOP Works

The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Program (HEOP) works because it, “brings forth students of various ethnic backgrounds and provides them with a solid foundation to be successful” said Daniel Faison Marist HEOP alum class of ‘74.

Faison is a graduate from the first ever HEOP class at Marist College. Marist was one of the first 24 college institutions to adopt the HEOP program back in 1969. He is from Beacon, NY and graduated in ’74 with his bachelors of science with a concentration in Psychology.

Since its creation the HEOP program here at Marist has thrived and continued to bring forth successful students. According to the Director of HEOP, Iris Ruiz-Grech, “There have been a little over 450 graduates to date which includes first time students and transfers into Marist College HEOP.”

Faison believes in the success of the program because it provides, “a solid platform for individuals to learn and grow while in college.” Private college institutions that have HEOP programs are responsible for providing students with academic support, assistance in paying for their tuition, supplemental financial aid, and providing any additional funds needed to complete the student’s graduation requirements.

These are some of the reasons why HEOP students have been so successful over the years. Within this program students are given the resources for them to thrive and succeed over the course of their college career.

According to the director of HEOP, “21% of the HEOP students were named on the Dean’s List this year, some of them on both semesters.” In addition, of the 450 graduates that came through the program, “29% of the graduates did so with Latin Honors.”

Back in January the governor proposed budget cuts to educational programs statewide. Some of the programs included, “NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), Enhanced Tuition Assistance Awards (ETA), Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP), Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (C-STEP), Liberty Partnership Programs (LPP) and the Foster Youth Care Success Initiative (FYCSI)” according to Associate Director Mary Rice.

With all of this success within the program, it’s questionable that the New York State governor would even consider cutting the HEOP programs budget. He proposed a 5% cut from the annual budget.

But in recent updates from the associate director of HEOP, the budget has been restored to level funding. Level funding means the budget has been restored to its original amount before the proposed cuts. Therefore the HEOP program can continue to enroll students this upcoming academic year and maintain its overall success.

“HEOP works because the people who work in HEOP at the core of their being believe in students” said Marisel Herrera HEOP graduate class of ’93.




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