SNR Showcases Senior Fashion Students one Catwalk at a Time  

Marist Fashion students are buckling down in preparation for the 33rd Annual Silver Needle Runway Show (SNR) on May 10th, 2019. Students create what is once an empty space into an environment that feels like a show right out of New York Fashion Week.

“I’ve heard the show is going to be huge and really outdo itself from previous years. I absolutely love the Fashion Program here, it’s one of the top in the country. Although I’m not a Fashion Design Major, it is incredible to see the talent that is behind each sewing machine and how each student really creates walking forms of art,” said sophomore Jenna Rinaldi.

The SNR show originated in 1984 and since then has increased their professionalism and talent to new heights. Each show holds over 1,000 guests, including professionals in the field to critique seniors on their work. The event showcases the work done by senior design students during their semester long Senior Thesis Project.

While many show-goers are in awe of the numerous pieces students have designed, many forget about the individuals behind the scenes that enable the show to take place. Those in the Fashion Show Production Class showcase their artistry and display their ability to host such a major event to over thousands of individuals each year.

“This is my second year as a member of the Creative Team for the Production Class. The class is an extremely fulfilling experience but that definitely comes with hard work,” said sophomore Amanda Lauro. “It can sometimes feel more like an internship, making it great for a resume builder and talking point in interviews. You truly get as much out of the class as you put in and are given as much responsibility as you prove yourself capable of.”

While the work of design students is showcased through the fashion show, the class controlling all aspects of the show is the Fashion Show Production Class. In order to be apart of the class, students are required to go through a rigorous interview process as well as sharing a portfolio of their work. While being in the class sounds like a lot of work, many students express that the experience truly prepares them for the real world.  

“While there are so many fun and exciting times throughout the process of planning the show, if someone were to ask me if they should apply to the class I would first and foremost stress the time component,” said junior Dylan Skinner.

Besides finding a place to host the show and dealing with ticket orders, the Fashion Show Production Class advertises the show by creating promotional videos and showcasing photos to draw students in to attending this highly anticipated event for the fashion community at Marist. From simple coffee sleeves Starbucks has been giving out, to Instagram stories SNR volunteers have been posting, all the little details add up to what students hope to be a packed audience on May 10th.

IMG_3535 2.jpg

The class also holds a number of fundraisers to decrease the cost of the show, as this year they have gone over budget. “The biggest challenge of the class is working within a tight budget, we want to make the show as amazing as possible while also keeping finances in mind. But, with this you have to become an expert problem solver and use your creativity wherever you possibly can.” said Lauro. Some fundraisers they have done include a Candy Bar and pairing with local frozen yogurt store, Sweet Frog, to raise some extra cash on the side.  

Overall, fashion students and those in the production class are looking forward to this event that truly showcases the talent and hard work the Fashion Department puts into the program each year.

“When coming to the Silver Needle Runway Show, expect a high-production event that first and foremost works towards giving the amazing senior designer garments a great way to showcase their hard work. And with each tiny detail you notice at the venue, there was a Fashion Show Production team member slaving away, pulling all-nighters, and doing whatever they needed to do to make this night perfect,” said Skinner.

The event will take place on May 10th, 2019 in the Mid-Hudson Civic Center at 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm and tickets are available on  

“If you want to experience what it’s like to watch a fashion show as professional as one you may see on the New York Fashion Week, this show is a must see,” said sophomore Skyler Caruso.


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