Students forced to seek new gym options

IMG_5797Ever since its original construction, the McCann Center has provided Marist students a free and convenient place to work out. However, its recent reconstruction has left students with very few options on campus to workout, and have forced many to not only travel off-campus to workout – but to pay.

The reconstruction of the McCann Center started in the summer of 2018, and is expected to be finished by the fall of 2019. This means that the only accessible parts of the McCann Center during this school year are the swimming pool, locker rooms, and basketball court – meaning no gym for students.

As an alternative, Marist set up a small gym in a tent located directly outside McCann, which is still free for students to use. But here’s the catch – due to the small size and limited equipment in the gym, the space is reserved for teams and athletes from 6 A.M. – 6 P.M., making it even tougher for non-athlete students.

Recently, Marist also created gym spaces in New Gartland Building D as well as the Marketplace (located near Upper West). However, like the tent, these spaces have significantly less space and equipment than the McCann Center once had.

Some students have decided to stick to these on-campus options, but the lack of space and equipment has caused issues.

“Since the McCann Center isn’t open this year I had to start going to the Marketplace gym space which is nice because it was redone, but sometimes it gets frustrating because since it’s small, if I go at a busy time I don’t get to do the workout I want to do,” said senior Sarah Rampulla. “Plus, the gym doesn’t have all of the equipment that the normal McCann Center had.”

These factors have led to many students seeking alternative options – many of which were off-campus and not free.

One popular option is Mike Arteaga’s Fitness Center located right across the street from Marist, in between Palace Diner and Rite Aid. Arteaga’s offers two reasonable options for students – a four-month membership for $140, or $13 every two weeks with a $40 service fee to be paid every three months.

“Arteaga’s has been a great alternative option for the McCann Center this year, as it’s close to campus, and has a ton of space and equipment that lets me complete my workouts pretty easily,” said senior Mike Ianelli. “The only downside of it is having to pay, which is frustrating considering we pay so much tuition at Marist and they can’t provide a better gym option.”

Another option students have chose is Crunch Fitness, located about 15 minutes down Route 9. Crunch offers a membership for $20 a month, which also includes a free guest and free hydro massage and tanning.

“I love the openness of Crunch, and I also love how new the equipment is and how clean the gym as a whole is,” said senior Nick Palumbo. “The only issue is that it’s a far commute and obviously that I have to pay instead of working out for free at McCann.”

Despite the inconvenience of the McCann reconstruction, students are doing everything they can to stay in shape.

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