Fake IDs – Ticket to Social Life or Just a Ticket?

Marist College students are apprehensive to use their fake IDs after the bar raid in December, but are still continuing to frequent the Poughkeepsie bars. 

“Personally, 90% of my social life is going to the bar. It’s where majority of people go on the weekends,” Geoffrey Chun ‘21 said. On a Friday night, Chun would choose to go to Darby O’Gills instead of a house party. “House parties only cater to a certain demographic or group of friends,” Chun said.

For many students, the raid at Darby O’Gills has not had a substantial impact on their weekend plans. “The raid didn’t change the party scene at Marist,” Justin Olson ‘21 said.

“As an incoming freshman, you’re taught Marist is a bar school,” Jordan Mogel ‘21 said. “You’re pressured into getting a fake ID,” Mogel explained.

According to students, group orders are placed on websites such as IDgod, IDsolo, IDviking, IDbuddy and Fakeyourdrank. Prices range between $40 and $60 for two IDs. One student said, “The IDs are definitely coming from China.”

Currently Marist College is labeled as a “bar school.” However there are students who would like to see that change. Students hope to see the bar scene decrease with the substitution of more parties. “I wish there were more house parties,” Mogel said, “Students want more house parties, but there just aren’t any.”

Similarly, Jason Davis ‘21 would also like to hear of more parties on the weekend. Davis explained that although it is not a party school now, Marist College may become one if the bars continue to be raided.

Nonetheless, Devon Marinello ‘21 agrees the Poughkeepsie bars currently have a pivotal role in the social life at Marist College. “The bars are the social scene,” Marinello said. Although worried there may be another raid issued by the New York State Liquor Authorities, Marinello still frequents the Poughkeepsie bars.


The New York State Liquor Authorities ticketed one hundred and fifteen Marist College students for possessing a false identification card in December. However individuals under 21 still make their way to the bars on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

An underage student stated, “I’m definitely concerned about the bars being raided again. I’m just trying to limit going out personally – reduce the time I spend at the bar to limit the chance of getting caught in a raid.” 

Another underage student said, “I would say I’m concerned, but it isn’t going to stop me from going to the bar.”

However, for the few students like Zac James ‘21 and Aidan Diver ‘21, the raid has had a significant impact on their weekend plans. James and Diver, former Darby O’Gills regulars, no longer go to the bar. “It’s not worth going,” James said.

Following the raid at Darby O’Gills in December, Diver said, “I just thought holy shit, thank God we weren’t there.”

Similarly, Mogel is concerned how any ticket would look on his record. Mogel said, “I’m never going out again. I’m trying to go to law school.”

Furthermore students using a fake ID do not believe it is the quality of the false identification card. Rather students feel the bar owners and bouncers turn a blind eye to make a larger profit. Olson said, “The bars are just trying to make money. They know everyone is underage.”

Twenty-two-year-old Sam Goldman ‘19, explains he often recognizes students under the age of 21 at the bars. He said, “The bars want capital and part of it may be underage kids are growing facial hair and there are some very mature-looking women, but the owners want to make as much money as they can.”

Currently, the bars remain at the center of the social scene at Marist College, even for students under the age of 21. For a night of fun and socializing, students are willing to run the risk of being ticketed.


Darby O’Gills accepts Marist Money


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