A Rebranded Career Services

Are you stressed trying to find an internship or a full time job? College presents itself with numerous obstacles, however, Marist Career Services has lent out a helping hand for students in the process of finding an internship or one’s dream job.

The Center for Career Services offers a large variety of services and opportunities and are constantly finding new ways for students to meet with companies and make valuable connections. Whether it be through interview preparation, alumni connections, internship opportunities, cover letter and resume help, or the job searching process, Career Services allows students to feel confident and well prepared for any opportunity that may come their way.

“When I first came to Marist we had a very small staff. Just really two and a half professional staff. President Yellen decided to invest in our office and gave us all these new positions to make us up to par with other schools so we can really make it a world class careers center,” said Executive Director, Mary Jones.

“We have so many new events for the students now that we never had before. It is so wonderful,” said Career Services Assistant, Patricia Corbett. “I feel in the past the Career Fair was very stagnant. It was not open to as many majors, but now, we have addressed this issue and have broadened it tremendously. We expect to see a large turnout this year.”

Although many individuals find Career Services to be helpful, others find the services to be useless. “I have been to Career Services twice or so, however, I never found it helpful. I felt that a lot of them didn’t really understand what I was going through as many of them went through this process a long time ago. I feel the office needs new, fresh out of college employees to make it easier to communicate,” said sophomore, Amanda Lauro.

A new program that has been introduced to students is the Road to the Workplace. Road to the Workplace allows students the opportunity to network and meet companies. Through this program students have been able to meet employees from Deutsche Band, Goldman Sachs, CNN, UBS, Devries, Madison Square Garden, Penguin Random House, and more.

“Now that the buzz is out I feel that Road to the Workplace is one of the most notable initiatives that Career Services has ever done. It has been every Friday except the holidays throughout the year. From all of these trips we are hearing that students are actually getting jobs from the connections they are making. I bring the contacts I make to Desmond Murray, Associate Director for the Employer Experience, and he makes it happen,” said Jones.


Meet the Companies – March 7th, 2019

According to Career Services 2018 statistics, 83% of students participated in an internship, 598 students attended employer information sessions, and 2,058 students participated in one-on-one career advising meetings with first-years, sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, and alumni. Although some may think Career Services is not helpful, statistics prove otherwise. Approximately 110 companies have visited campus and 1,224 students/alumni have attended the Career Fairs.

The Career Fair, which took place March 7th, 2019, has been rebranded to be called “Meet the Companies.” “We found that students were getting intimidated with the phrase ‘Career Fair,’ therefore, we tried to make it feel more inclusive,” said Jones. “We also have a VIP Networking Event that is going on simultaneously which we hope students will find helpful as well.”

Some companies that attended the VIP Networking Event included, CNN, ESPN, JP Morgan, Verizon, New York State Senate Office, and more. The networking event allowed students to talk to Marist alumni and hear more about their companies and advise on how to stand out from the rest. 

“Not all the companies that were supposed to come were there, but the companies that were there gave a significant amount of insight. I think Career Services does a great job putting it together and also reaching out to all the students via email to encourage them about the opportunities that Marist has to offer,” said sophomore, Christina Baviello.

A once basic office has now transformed within the year to “an office attracting companies that go to ivy leagues such as Harvard or Yale,” said Jones.

Marist is rebranding their Career Services to ensure students are provided with the latest connections and opportunities they could not find anywhere else.

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