Salsa Fresca spices up Marist area

For years, Marist students have been begging for a Chipotle to be built close to campus, as the closest one is in Fishkill – a 30-minute drive away. While they didn’t exactly get the Chipotle they were looking for, they got a very close alternative with the brand new addition of Salsa Fresca.

Salsa Fresca is a Mexican cuisine fast-food restaurant that opened near the Marist campus in late January. It was one of two restaurants to be opened in Dutchess County, as the other is located in LaGrangeville. Notably though, Salsa Fresca specializes in making burritos and burrito bowls – which now is the only option for that type of fast food within the area for Marist students.

In addition to burritos and burrito bowls, Salsa Fresca offers other types of made-to-order TexMex cuisine as well, including quesadillas, tacos, nachos, and salads.

The new Salsa Fresca replaced an old Quiznos in the mini complex off of North Rd., right across the street from the Beck parking lot and new science building. The addition has Marist students buzzing not only about the food, but the convenient location.

“Having a made-to-order burrito place so close to campus is awesome because the 30-minute trip to Chipotle has always been such a hassle,” said senior Nick Derosa. “No one ever wanted to make the long trip [to Chipotle], but now I guess they won’t have to. Plus the food is actually really good, it’s a perfect alternative to Chipotle.”

Senior Brandon O’Sullivan agreed.

“The location of Salsa Fresca is perfect, it’s virtually right on campus,” said O’Sullivan. “It’s convenient not only for off-campus students like me, but also for the underclassmen students still living in the dorms.”

While the proximity to campus has gotten many people talking, perhaps the most unique thing about Salsa Fresca is the promotions they run for students. For example, they offer $5 burritos and burrito bowls from 2-4PM every weekday for customers that present their student ID at the register.

“For me, the best thing about Salsa Fresca is the $5 burrito promotion for students that they run everyday,” said senior Nick Palumbo. “Money is always an issue for college students when choosing a place to go out to eat, so having a cheaper option makes Salsa Fresca all the more appealing.”

Another creative promotion Salsa Fresca ran was on January 25th, when every 50thcustomer they served earned free burritos for an entire year. Promotions like these have gotten the student population talking quite a bit, which has quickly turned Salsa Fresca into one of the most popular off-campus eating spots.

“I love all of the promotions that Salsa Fresca has been running, they have gotten a lot of people to the restaurant to try it” said sophomore Nicole Dencker. “Specifically, the ‘every 50th customer’ promotion was really cool, as that day everyone was going just to try to get free burritos for a year.”

It may not be a Chipotle, but Salsa Fresca has quickly established itself as one of the most popular, convenient, and cheapest food options for Marist students.

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