Lights, Camera… Marist!

Red Fox Films is the latest club to hit Marist College campus. The fresh club offers students a chance to pursue their ideas with a camera and a crew team lined up to help. This club has come a long way from thought to fruition, and Steve Ciravolo has been there every step of the way.

“The idea really sparked around October of 2017,” Ciravolo said when remembering how the film club got its start. “When I came to Marist, I joined Marist College Television (MCTV). The club did not exactly offer what I was looking for with camera work and ideas… it was a lot of in-studio productions.”

Ciravolo went on to describe the careful process the Student Government Association (SGA) implements to charter a club. The first step was a petition of 50 signatures from students who have interest in club. The executive board of the film club, including Blake Mackey, Emma Tizzano, Michael Perdios, and Joe Hernandez, quickly took note of the enthusiasm students had for an organization like this on campus when the petition was filled up in less than a week.

For a club to be established on campus, SGA mandates, very early in the process, a set of by-laws to ensure the club’s continuity after its establishers graduate. RFF’s by-laws were submitted in March of 2018. By May of 2018, a new student administration had taken control of SGA. The administration who had reviewed the club’s by-laws would not be the same administration to give the final approval of the club. Despite a change of administration and a summer between submission and approval, the Red Fox Films club was finally chartered in October of 2018.

The purpose of the club is to “provide a diverse network of creative students who want to make their own projects, such as, music videos, short films, sketches, packages, etc.” according to the club’s submission presentation.

For a student to produce their idea in the film club, they must submit a project application that includes details about crew members, equipment needed and shoot schedule. The project is reviewed by the executive board and an email is sent to the club’s members advising them of a new opportunity. Members sign up for the project, and the video goes into production.

In accordance with SGA’s aspirations for the film organization, club secretary Blake Mackey says, “My biggest hope [for RFF] is that it outlasts the current administration so that when we walk out the door, the club is still here and going.” Legacy and impact are the inevitable goals of all executive board members for Red Fox Films.

As noted by the club vice president, Emma Tizzano, the club’s greatest impact is the creative outlet it provides to students. Freelance work on campus is not supported by the college media center, the role of RFF is to provide an outlet to make visions into a reality for students outside of the media program. 

Ciravolo explains that the Marist media center restricts their equipment for students enrolled in media classes. Similar to a library, the RFF allows members to loan out cameras, sound, and lighting equipment regardless of what classes they take.

According to Ciravolo, “My hope is that the club includes members of all majors and fields of study, so that every student’s idea has a chance of being made into a masterpiece.”

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