Backyard Workout

By Jonathan Kanda

There is a wide range of new year resolutions with the most popular one being  fitness. The student population at Marist College, will have to find a new resolution. With the McCann Renovation and the demolition of the old gym, Marist College opened up a  temporary gym (tent) which is three times smaller than the old gym and could only hold a small capacity of people.

Despite the size of the gym, what killed most students resolution hopes is the gym hours. “I love working out at 3pm and now I can’t anymore because us regular students have to wait until after 6 to use that tent.” Senior Diwani Cummings majoring in Biochemistry said.


Marist College athletics passed a rule that only gives student athletes access to the tent from its opening hours to closing time,  leaving non-athletes without the ability to use the gym before the sunset. Aaron Suma, a strength and conditioning coach said, “The reason why only our athletes have access to the gym during daylight is because space and the amount of athletes we have play a big role.” Aaron Suma, Strength and conditioning coach said.


Although it would be a dream of every student athlete to possess their own facility, a tent is not what they were looking for. “The risk of injuries are high especially during those snow days because all the platforms get wet,” an anonymous athlete said


To avoid over packed gyms, Marist has opened a couple small gyms in different locations across campus. Although the idea of doing so is quite admirable, those small gyms do not contain all the materials a real gym is supposed to have. “Dude, I am 145 lbs, my new year resolution was to gain 20lbs of muscles not to lose 20, those small gyms on campus only have treadmills and things of that sort, last time I checked you can’t gain muscle weigh on a treadmill.” Isaiah Guischard said.


Marist college, a college known for its luxury has, failed to meet the luxury standard because of their innovative but poor idea of building a tent which cannot hold more than 150 people. “The idea was not bad at all, but the result is not what we expected.” Rhys Henry, an athlete on the rugby team said.


A wise man once said that promises are the sweetest lies, and believe or not, a majority of students here at Marist when it comes to the opening of the new McCann are skeptical. Marist announced that the McCann construction is going to be over by Fall 2019 and will have a new gym center open for all the students. “Well I think they hear us complain a lot and to calm us down, they just gave us a random ultimatum to calm us down. I don’t think it will be done by fall.” Dymond Wright said.


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