Veteran reporter joins Sports Center


Jane McManus, photo courtesy of Marist College

Westchester native, Jane McManus will serve as the Director of the Center for Sports Communication starting December 1st. The powerhouse addition to the acclaimed program has two decades of experience covering New York Sports and working for publications such as The New York Times, USA Today, and ESPN.

Marist released a statement: “McManus has had an illustrious career covering 18 U.S. Opens, five Super Bowls, two NCAA Final Fours, and the inaugural season of the of the New York Liberty WNBA team.”

Familiar to collegiate education, McManus was also a professor at her alma mater, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.   The faculty at Marist looks forward to the new hire, who will bring a new standpoint for the program with her wealth of industry knowledge.

“Hiring Jane McManus is a real coup for Marist. She injects instant credibility and experience into our Sports Communication Center and program with the good name she built in decades in the industry, most recently with ESPN where she was often on TV and radio. She’ll really propel us forward, and that’s hugely exciting,” said Leander Schaerlaeckens, professor and assistant director for the Center of Sports Communication.

In a previous article, Dean of Communications and the Arts, Dr. Lyn Lepre, mentioned the advantages that McManus will add to the program. “She will bring a wealth of experience to this position from her many years as an active journalist and sports media expert,” Lepre said.

McManus may not just be influencing the communication department; her impact may stretch to other regions of Marist College. The former ESPN writer and reporter has a chance to rally with Red Fox nation.

“I hope that with her background in ESPN, she’ll not only embrace but really roll up her sleeves and work real closely with the partnership that we have in athletics with the Center for Sports Communication–in terms of the production with ESPN 3 games through the athletic program,” said Tim Murray, director of athletics.

IMG_0357 Director of Athletics, Tim Murray

As of one year ago, all Marist basketball home games are streamed live on ESPN 3, the company’s online streaming service.

McManus is excited about her new role at the college, in a time when the sports industry is shifting. “The business of sports media is at a crossroads, but the need for prepared professionals is greater than ever. I want to be part of a center committed to anticipating the needs of emerging employers even as it steeps students in the history that will create engaged and critical thinkers,” said McManus in a statement for Marist.

As far as students–one sports communication senior is thrilled that McManus will be joining a program where females are among the minority. “It’s really awesome that we have a female director in a program that’s about 80% male based. It shows myself as well as the other girls in the program that even though we’re outnumbered, we still have something to offer and can really make a name for ourselves in the sports industry,” Kerry Flynn said.






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