McManus Named Director of Sports Communication Program

The Center for Sports Communication buzzed with excitement as students were introduced to the newly appointed Director of the Sports Communication Program at Marist College, Jane McManus.

McManus was named the Director of the program on October 2, and is set to begin her tenure on December 1. She will replace the Interim Director of Sports Communication, Leander Shaerlaekens, a lecturer of sports communication at Marist College.

She will bring a wealth of experience to this position from her many years as an active journalist and sports media expert,” said Lyn Lepre, Dean of the Communication and the Arts, in a statement regarding McManus.

McManus has had an expansive career in journalism, writing for ESPN, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and various other news outlets.  During her career, she covered a variety of professional and college sporting events, most notably the Super Bowl, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.


McManus reporting for ESPN’s Sports Center.  Photo Courtesy of

Marist will not be McManus’ first experience as an educator.  Aside from her career as a sports reporter, she has also worked as a professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, the same school where she received her master’s degree.

Students are eager to learn from McManus, citing her impressive background in sports reporting.

Senior Marco Schaden, Editor-At-Large for the campus sports publication Center Field, looks forward to meeting McManus.  “I’m really excited to learn from her, her career speaks for itself. I think she has a lot to offer Marist College, and that she’s really going to improve our sports communication program,” said Schaden.

“In my opinion, it’s just really cool to that she worked for ESPN.  I can’t wait to meet her,” said another student, Conor Griffin.

Professor and Interim Director of Sports Communication Leander Shaerlaekens expressed excitement via Twitter, writing, “In case you missed it yesterday, we made a monster signing @Marist in @janesports. She’ll head up our Center for Sports Communication @SportsComMarist. Exciting events and projects ahead!”

McManus also took to social following her appointment, jokingly tweeting, “I need some advice: Where can I find those corduroy jackets with the elbow patches? I’m going full academic! @Marist.”

McManus looks forward to enhancing the educational experience of students in Sports Communication department, telling, “Marist’s Center for Sports Communication is committed to that conversation, and developing unique ways for students to learn to see above the X’s and O’s even as they get hands-on experience with the technology required for the next generation of professionals.”


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