Bringing Designer Clothing to Campus

Rent the Runway (Rent the Runway), a high-end designer clothing rental program, has expanded their business and hired Rent the Runway College Ambassadors at Marist College to promote their program.

Rent the Runway is a high-end clothing rental service where customers have the chance to rent items monthly or even just for special events. This program once attracted an older clientele, but is now reaching out to college students. The Marist College Rent the Runway ambassadors are a new group to campus and have expanded from one ambassador last semester to five this semester. Junior, 20, Dylan Skinner, the Campus Coordinator for Marist Rent the Runway ambassadors, describes Rent the Runway as “Rent the Runway is an entirely new way to shop. There are so many people that want to experience high quality, designer pieces but cannot afford it. Rent the Runway allows you to do this! Not only are you saving yourself money by renting instead of buying, but you’re also being sustainable.”

As a Rent the Runway ambassador, Skinner is able to rent four free items a month and in return promote Rent the Runway. Receiving free clothing is a huge perk of this program, but many participants are fashion majors who are also excited to put a program like Rent the Runway on their resume. Skinner, who is also the designer and founder of Dylan Skinner Designs, spoke about how this experience will impact her future, “It is teaching all of us how to work on a team and spread awareness for a brand and cause that we can all stand behind…I truly feel as though we are all thrilled to be involved and work for a company that is so progressive and rewarding.This definitely gives me a better understanding for the type of environment I’d want to work in when I graduate: inclusive, dynamic, fun, and driven.”

Who wouldn’t want to save money and be sustainable? The fashion industry is infamously known to produce more waste than any other industry. Rent the Runway solves this problem by offering clothing as a service not a product. However, a clothing rental program can often be costly for students on a budget. By having a Rent the Runway ambassador program at Marist, students are able to have the opportunity to receive discounts and even free rentals from the Rent the Runway ambassadors, making wearing high end clothing more attainable.

Sophomore, 19, Rachel Maculloch, a Rent the Runway ambassador at Marist, explains how difficult it may be to shop on a college budget. “Designer brands are so expensive, and for some spending all that money for one event can seem unreasonable. Rent the Runway makes it so easy because you can rent items for so much less than if you actually bought them.” Marist College is home to many fashion merchandising and design majors, so having a program like this on a fashion school campus is a great opportunity for girls who love labels to shop on their college budget.

As the Rent the Runway program is gaining traction on campus, ambassadors are reaching out to other clubs like Fashion Inc. and Marist Ethical Fashion Initiative to gain awareness of the program and even offer Rent the Runway apparel and discount/free rental codes. However, reaching out to clubs doesn’t always attract the whole campus; ambassadors often use their personal social media presence to post about their program, the clothing they receive, and even offer their discounts to their followers.

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