Just Lock Your Doors

POUGHKEEPSIE N.Y.–  Right up the street from the campus of Marist College is a newly built suit style apartment building, “Fox Run at Fulton.” These apartment style suites are filled with mostly Marist students along with a few public residents. Although these apartments are filled with a majority of Marist students, it is considered off-campus living. Marist does rent out one floor in Fox Run for Marist students, because of a new building not being built on time for this semester.

Fox Run: Street View with Gate

This past month there was a recent break-in at Fox Run. One Poughkeepsie local from a surrounding community college, broke a first floor window before climbing into the living room of a suite living room, before scanning the floors for open doors around the building. This happened during mid-semester break, when most students went home for the long weekend after completing midterms. One unfortunate resident, Joe Simeone realized there was a break-in when he returned into his room to find his Xbox and Beats headphones missing.  “ When I came back from break I knew something was wrong, my bedroom door was wide open and stuff was all over the place. Luckily he was caught, and I will get my stuff back after the police use it as evidence.

Jen Raffaele a Marist student and resident of Fox Run, lives right next door to where


Pictured: Jen Raffaele

the break in happened. “It’s just really scary that this can happen, it feels like a campus environment here, but unfortunately bad things can still happen said Raffaele. Raffaele and her three roommates inserted bars on their windows to prevent any more break-ins to occur. Living on campus at Marist is a very safe environment with security guards at most of the dorms. Without a student ID, it is almost impossible to get into one of the dorms on campus, especially with the many security cameras surrounding the dorms. Some of the residents at Fox Run explained their displeasure with some of the lack of security at Fox Run. Some residents explained how the side door, which should only be accessed with a key, was left unlocked for a long time.  Raffaele also added that “FoxRun should add more cameras surrounding the building as well as more security guards on duty.”

Side Door that had been left unlocked

How safe is living on campus compared to living off campus? One freshman student living in a dorm on campus said he feels very safe in his dorm and does not think about any intruders or break-ins, due to the good security Marist provides. “Even walking on campus late at night, I feel very safe with the well lit paths.”  When asked if he would ever think about living off campus, this student replied with, “ I don’t think I would ever need to, with all the on-campus housing Marist  has to offer and all the amenities the campus has, I never have to leave the campus. Marist is in the process of building another New Gartland building. Students were supposed to live in the new building this semester, but it was not completed in time, which resulted in Marist putting these students up in Fox Run as described earlier.

Eddie Campbell, a senior at Marist, was one of those students who was put up in Fox Run for this semester. He described his experiences at FoxRun and explained how nice the facility is. “ I was disappointed at first to not be able to live on-campus, but Fox Run is really nice and it feels like a campus community anyways.” When asked if he felt safe off-campus he said, “definitely, although I heard of the recent break-in that occurred, I never felt in danger at Fox Run. Break-ins occur everywhere, and I do not think the person who did this had any intention of harming anyone, but it is very disappointing that this happened and affected many people within the “Fox Run Community.” Campbell when asked if he felt cheated on his safety by being put up to live off campus, when originally supposed to be on campus, responded “No I don’t, if anything I like it more. As I said, I feel very safe at Fox Run, it is a great community sense of setting and it is not hard to remember to lock your doors when you leave for classes or different breaks throughout year. The gate outside the building prohibits outside cars for coming in, I truly believe that one break-in was a rare occurrence, plus I heard FoxRun is stepping up their security game now.”

Matt Depola, a worker at FoxRun said, “we take security very serious at Fox Run. We want to do anything in our power to keep our residents safe. The side door being left unlocked was an issue that we made sure was fixed right away. We do have plenty of security cameras around the building as well, to make sure nothing bad occurs.” I truly believe Fox Run is as safe as living on Campus.

Break-ins occur everywhere and at anytime. Although Fox Run was a target last month, who is not to say break-ins do not occur on campus. Tanner Urban a Senior at Marist remembered, when he was a Freshman living in Champagnat Hall, many things went missing or stolen around the building. “It happens everywhere, but it never happened to me because I would make sure my door was locked. I know it happened to a few of my friends, but they never locked their doors because they were either lazy or lost their keys in most cases.”

Overall break-ins occur everywhere. It is important to take the right precautions, but freak incidents may still occur. When choosing to live on or off campus, safety should not be a consideration because the surrounding off campus area around Marist is very safe and comforting for the most part.

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