The Newest Voices on Campus: The Enharmonics

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — For several years Marist College’s Music Department has only had two a capella groups on campus, The Lovely Sirens for women, and Time Check for the men. However, when Gigi Figueroa had the idea of creating a co-ed group at Marist she quickly made this a reality and thus, The Enharmonics was born. 

“When I came to college I really wanted to be in an a cappella group and I really liked the idea of community and coming together. I think that Sirens are great and Time Check is great and they both sound amazing all the time, but I personally really like the sound of a co-ed group and I like all the dimensions that you can get, the bass with soprano and alto versus baritone,” Figueroa said.

Figueroa, as a junior, has had multiple opportunities being featured as a soloist in several concerts, but she was missing something more. The blend of co-ed voices together in an a cappella setting was all she wanted, so she enlisted her friend Alicia Del Vecchio to assist her in her mission.

Figueroa and Del Vecchio had been working since last year to get the project up and running, but as with any new group, it had to go through the proper channels for approval. According to Figueroa, this is not the first time that a co-ed group has been pitched to the Music Department, but they were ready to go through the process to make it happen. Michael Napolitano, the academic director of the Music Department, as well as Sarah Williams, the director of choral activities, are in charge of approving any groups that want to be a part of the Music Department. Now, their dream has become a reality. Auditions took place in early September and the group has already had a showing that can be found on the group’s Instagram page.  Now they rehearse twice a week and have already put five songs in their repertoire, and they’re learning even more as they go.

“We kind of took a different approach with it, we said we’re going to do a lot of service-based things. We want to do performances, it was too late to do “Night on Broadway” because we had just gotten approved and the next week we’re auditions, it was too much too soon,” Figueroa said.

Figueroa’s focus on community service for the club is outreach, truly helping the community in any way the can. When Music Camp came around for the fall semester, her push to make this a reality became even more imperative and the Music Department was absolutely on board.

With the semester in full swing and the club just starting, it’s no surprise the group hasn’t had a chance to make a formal debut. Although they are expecting a heavy demand for the holiday season, whether they will be performing with Sirens and Time Check will be determined at a later date. Figueroa is confident they will have their chance to perform as the school year progresses. The Enharmonics, as the first co-ed acapella group on campus, will have a long road ahead of them, but they do have a great team supporting them.


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