Torre to Marist

Poughkeepsie, NY – On November 9th at 4pm at the Nelly Goletti Theatre, Marist College will have the pleasure to welcome Pablo Torre to campus to start off this years speaker series from the center of sports communication. Torre is an ESPN personality that has been seen on shows like Outside the Lines, Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption for several years now.

The speaker series looked in doubt to start up again this year after Dr. Keith Strudler left Marist College for Montclair State. However, upon his hiring to replace Studler, Leander Scharlaekaens made it a point to continue the popular speaker series and already had an idea on who he would want to bring to campus. Torre was at the top of his list “Pablo is a 21st century sportswriter, he is smart, he can write, he can do TV, and he is Asian-American – a very underrepresented part of the population in the sports media,” said Scharlaekaens.

The Harvard graduate started out his career as a staff writer for Sports Illustrated right out of school. There he gained popularity from a column written about how athletes go broke and describe the numerous ways professional athletes get exploited. His column led to the government getting involved who would make several arrests using the information Torre provided. Also, a 30 for 30 would be made heavily featuring Torre titled Broke.

After his time at SI he moved on to ESPN where his platform expanded and Torre became a household name. More of a TV personality than a writer nowadays for ESPN, you will find him somewhere on the network throughout the day. Torre and Bomani Jones are set to have their own show on ESPN that will bring a new voice to the network. “I’m very excited for the show and look forward to asking him about it, ESPN is giving two minorities their own show that have a very distinctive voice in the sports media world,” said Scharlaekaens who will be conducting the interview for around 20 minutes and then opening up the floor to questions from the students in the audience.

Posters of Torre have been seen all over campus and the buzz is contuining to get louder as the date approaches for the ESPNers arrival. “I’m a huge fan of Pablo, I remember first seeing him on Around the Horn and I have gained respect for him ever since,” said senior Nick Rudzewick, a major in journalism and sports communication. However, this speaker series is not just for those that are sports communication majors, it is for the whole Marist community. “I saw the poster a couple week ago and I was honestly surprised Marist was able to get him, he is a staple in the sports media industry and when he talks, I listen,” said finance major and senior Mike McGonigle.

There will be even more surprises in the future as the speaker series will last all year and students will be looking forward to the future guests. Legendary ESPN anchor Bob Ley will be a Red Fox for a day and Social Media Director for ESPN Mike Foss will also make an appearance. The Center for Sports Communication’s Speaker Series looks to be in good shape and the future looks even brighter.Torre

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