Local Taxi Drivers Continue to Lose Their Business to Uber

Uber is the mobile app that prides itself on “being the easiest way to get around and its anytime anywhere pickup.” Not everyone is happy and excited to see Uber in New York, especially in Poughkeepsie. The local cab drivers are losing a great amount of their business to Uber and its drivers. The local cab drivers near Marist College make a great amount of their money on driving college students to different bars and nightlife destinations around the local town.  One taxi driver Mike said, “ Uber is really hurting all of our (cab drivers) business. We rely on the students around Marist and Vassar, that is how we make most of our business, but Uber is taking that away from us.”

Uber is an app that allows you to order a cab at any destination and it automatically charges one’s debit or credit card making it very easy to use. Mike McGonigle, a senior at Marist College said, “ Ever since Uber arrived in Poughkee


McGonigle recently switched to Uber

psie I’ve solely used it instead of the local cab drivers. It is much easier to use because you can track your cab and you always know when it is going to arrive.” He also said how he likes how the app is cashless, “ By using Uber I don’t have to worry about not having enough cash on me and worry about getting stranded.”

Another cab driver in Poughkeepsie, Joe was not happy that Uber had arrived in Poughkeepsie saying,  “I was nervous that this was going to happen, I saw how big Uber was getting around the country and knew it was only a matter of time until it arrived in Poughkeepsie. I still have the same loyal customers as I have had over the past couple of years, but it is some other customers that may have called me that I am now losing to Uber. Joe also mentioned how he knew a few other cab drivers that completely stopped driving all together because of Uber’s presence. He mentioned how the little business they were getting was not worth the drive each night. He also stressed the importance of getting in connection with loyal students as customers because “without them I would have to stop driving too.”

Uber is still very young in Poughkeepsie, New York, but it will be very interesting to see the extent to which it hurts the business of local cab drivers. Some Marist students are even starting to drive for Uber because it is a very easy process to sign up for. Will there be any local cab drivers in the years to come, or will they be completely taken over by Uber and even other similar apps like Lyft; only time will tell.

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