Breast Cancer Awareness in the Hudson Valley

Poughkeepsie, NY – As we all know, October 1 marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Throughout the month there are many fundraisers and programs going on all over the country. In the Hudson Valley there is one group in particular that stands out, and they are known as the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

The mission of this foundation is, “to fund support services and outreach for people affected by breast cancer within the eight counties of the Hudson Valley, New York (Columbia County, Dutchess County, Putnam County, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Ulster County and Greene County)” (  This Miles-of-Hope-2015-Logoorganization strives to  eliminate the financial burden put on breast cancer patients by raising money to help them and their families.  In 2012 Miles of Hope gave over $125,000 to individuals in treatment for breast cancer for a financial emergency not covered by insurance through the Medical Gap Care program. The  Executive Director of Miles of Hope, Pari Forood, said, “The Medical Gap Care program reimburses patients for expenses like transportation to and from treatment, food, gas, heat, electricity and rent. Oftentimes we get a call just as someone’s electricity is being turned off or as they are being evicted from their apartment. To eliminate this level of stress represents some of the most  rewarding work we do” (

Breast Cancer survivor, Donna Aloi, from New City, NY had this to say about the Miles IMG_5328of Hope Foundation, “I have participated in a couple of the events since my diagnoses and could not have been happier with the results. People do not understand what these walks do to not only raise money to help with medical bills and fund research, but help people that are  still sick and survivors with the mental battle.  When you are sick, but know there is someone that does not even know you that is willing to help, it really builds your morale and helps you keep fighting.”

Throughout the month of October, Miles of Hope holds numerous events to raise money for people diagnosed with breast cancer. On October 1st they kicked off the month with a Walk for Hope, which was held in Pleasant Valley, NY to raise money for research. As the month goes on they have more events, like on October 2nd they will hold a Pink Auction at the Italian Center in Poughkeepsie, NY and all the proceeds go to Miles ofIMG_5325 Hope. On October 5th they will be holding the 5th Annual Fisher’s Fight 4 the Cure, where there will be music, food, raffles, and breast cancer awareness shirts for 25 dollars.  This event will be held at Kingston High School in Kingston, NY.  Then on October 20th Miles of Hope will be sponsoring pink-out games for multiple schools throughout the Hudson Valley.  The first being the Arlington High School field hockey game, which is being held at Arlington High School at 4 p.m.  The next event will be a pink-out tennis match between Nyack and Nanuet High Schools at 4 p.m. in Nyack, New York.  The final sponsored game will be right here at Marist College, when the women’s volleyball team takes on rival Siena at 7 p.m. at the McCann Center.

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