N. Y. Giant Rookie Visits Poughkeepsie

POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. – New York Giants tight end Evan Engram, the team’s first round draft pick, came to the Tilted Kilt on September 19 to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

“Overall good event with old guests and new ones, there was a good balance,” said Titled Kilt manager Adam Frazita in reference to the roughly 130 people that came to the event.

Kevan Babcock and Derek Delaney, friends of 12 years, bought VIP tickets for the event. These were $125 and included an autographed jersey, photo op and a first round draft pick inscription. Non-VIP customers paid $50 for an autograph and $30 for a photo op. This was Babcock and Delaney’s first time at the Tilted Kilt and it won’t be their last.

“We are definitely coming back,” said Babcock, a long time Giant’s fan.

Pictured left to right: Derek Delaney and Kevan Babcock

Babcock has been to over 30 games including the game the night before this event. The Giants played the Detroit Lions. Although the Giants lost 24-10, Engram scored a touchdown.

A fan of eight years, 14-year-old Joe Hartrum, heard about the event from his friend and came with his mom.

This event was sponsored and run by BG Entertainment. A local family run business, BG Entertainment specializes in weddings, children party rentals and sporting memorabilia events.

They have done similar events with Giants wide receiver Roger Lewis and boxer Mike Tyson. BG employee Matt Worthmann walked around selling raffle tickets for a Color Rush jersey. He explained BG Entertainment brings their own sponsors, equipment, athletes and are in charge of promoting the event.

“[The Tilted Kilt] has been great. They actually had little flyers that they passed around and they hung that big sign out front,” said Worthmann.

They brought AVON 39, a breast cancer awareness group, and Honda. AVON ambassador Dawn Fortis walked from table to table explaining how she was a survivor of breast cancer and now runs her own group called Angels for Warriors. She has solely raised over $40,000 and will continue to raise more. She loves working these events because she does raise a lot of money from them. This is her fourth event with BG Entertainment and she is looking forward to her fifth in late November.

Honda was offering a free raffle to win oil changes for a year.

Pictured: Joe Zaccaro and his memorabilia stand

The last offering to customers was Joe Zaccaro’s memorabilia stand. He has successfully been in this business for a long time and has since retired from his former job at IBM.

“I must be doing something right if I can make a living from selling memorabilia for thirty years,” he said. “That’s how I got [my son] Ryan through [Marist] college.”

Zaccaro had a large set up with different types of sports and film memorabilia at the front of the restaurant. He pays his clients to meet him and sign a variety of items that pertain to their success. He sells a majority of sports memorabilia, such as baseballs, jerseys, and pictures.

He also has clients such as actress Susan Backlinie -the first victim in Jaws- and Alex Vincent, actor in the Child’s Play horror series. He frequently attends Comic Con as well and has different memorabilia he sells at those events.

“I sell more when there are bigger characters or celebrity appearances,” Zaccaro said. He takes great pride in his inventory and works with forensic examiners to certify that his products have been genuinely autographed.

Both BG Entertainment and The Titled Kilt management agreed this event “had a good turnout for an event that was treated as a promo,” said Frazita.

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