Unexpected Earthquake in Mexico leaves Millions Speechless

 POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. – On Sept. 8, 2017 at precisely 12:00 a.m., residents living in Mexico were unexpectedly fearful of their lives as they experienced the country’s strongest earthquake in 100 years. Natural disasters are a common topic of discussion on the news today and Mexico’s recent earthquake incident is no exception.

            This magnitude 8.1 earthquake killed at least 61 innocent people residing in Mexico. The quake was so powerful that the temblor was felt by about 50 million people across the entire country of Mexico. Civil Protection National Coordinator Luis Felipe Puente researched that nearly 45 people were killed in Oaxaca State alone. Oaxaca is unfortunately one of Mexico’s most impoverished states and was located closest to the earthquake’s epicenter. Since Oaxaca was directly placed in the eye of the storm, individuals living here experienced the worst side of this horrific earthquake.

Maria Quiroz

Marist College student, Maria Quiroz had family and friends residing in Mexico City when the earthquake hit on Friday morning. Maria gave her input about the individuals living in Oaxaca, “I feel especially sorry for the people living in places like Oaxaca because those people don’t have the means to hold their houses and it’s sad to see that these are the ones who had to go through such a hard time,” Maria said.

            She explained the entire story from her mother’s point of view stating that “the television immediately stopped working and she couldn’t move from her bed so she stayed there to see what would happen next,” Maria said. Her dad works for the government and he was immediately rushed into the office for an important meeting to discuss the actions they must take to ensure everyone stays safe. “Aside from the entire building moving and shaking, you could also hear the building and the walls crackling and it felt as though the earthquake was never ending,” Mrs. Quiroz told her daughter. At one point in the story Mrs. Quiroz got out of her bed and ran to hide underneath her kitchen table for safety. After hiding under the table she then proceeded to exit her apartment where she was greeted by her neighbors with startled faces. “Everyone was just staring at each other and nobody knew what to do,” Mrs. Quiroz told her daughter.

            The main cure towards rebuilding Mexico is to come together as a community and help your neighbors with kind words and gestures. “I am proud to see that people are contacting each other and showing each other comfort in such a terrible time,” Maria said. Currently in Mexico, the government is trying to figure out why the earthquake happened in the first place and what they can do to stop future disasters like this one happening again. In the meantime, communities are coming together and everyone is helping each other through simple acts of service such as, handing out waters. It’s the little things in life that steer us in the  right direction and make the biggest impact on our lives- and for Mexico, this is no exception.

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