Impact Rising Gas Prices Have on College Students

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. –Over the past month, the southern parts of the United States, have been impacted greatly by two category five hurricanes. First came Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas very hard especially Houston. A week later, Hurricane Irma, another category five hurricane, hit Florida around Miami. Residents in the Houston and Corpus Cristi area had to seek refuge in different areas such as stadiums and even furniture stores, while people in Florida were asked to evacuate the area a few days prior to Hurricane Irma. Even though the hurricane greatly affected those people in and living around those southern states, the hurricane also affects the lives of people everywhere around the United States in a different way; gas prices.

Gas prices have increased due to the effects the two hurricanes had on the United States. The increase in gas prices throughout the U.S from New York to California are due to the closure of the Gulf coast refineries. According to ABC & (LA), the national average gas price per gallon is now $2.67. Locally, in Poughkeepsie, New York

Photo Kelly Nash filling up

, the gas prices are above the national average around 2.87 at larger gas station chains such as Mobil, Sunoco and Valero and a little less at Stewarts and Speedway by a few cents. Poughkeepsie, New York has a great college student population with many different nearby colleges including Marist College, Vassar College and the Culinary Institute of America. Although the high gas prices affect everybody, it seems to lead to more animosity for college students. Outside of various gas stations in Poughkeepsie I received many different opinions from college students on the increased price of gas. Many of the students were all angry with the increased prices, but also had additional various opinions as well.

Ross Adler a student from Marist College was filling u his SUV at Mobil paying $2.87 a gallon.  Somewhat Jokingly, Adler said, “Looks like I won’t have money to eat dinner tonight” after paying $50 to fill up his SUV.  He also said “I really hope the prices go down because I do not work while I am at school so my funds are pretty low.” Another college student Kelly Nash who was also filling up her car at the same gas station said, “It’s actually funny you asked me about the gas prices, I’ve been riding my bike to and from campus some days to try to save gas and money.” She also said, “I know people may be mad the gas prices are higher than normal because of the hurricane, but we should be grateful that we still have our homes because some families down south cannot say that.”

Adults saw gas prices to jump to around $4 dollars a gallon back in 2008, but since then the gas prices have not really surpassed $2.  Gas prices may be higher throughout the United States in aftermath of the Hurricane, but people should be thankful they are safe and do whatever they can to help those in need.


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