Non-citizen Marist students fear President Elect Donald Trump

The 2016 Presidential election has been the main topic across the United States since Donald Trump was named our President Elect. Trump has promised his supporters many things over the past year during his campaigning but one of his more fearful plans is to deport two to three million undocumented immigrants. Although Trump has promised to keep his efforts to undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes, his deportation numbers are still far above reputable estimates of these criminals.

All around the country it has become a real fear for undocumented immigrants that friends, students and family members will be deported once Trumps plans fall into place during his candidacy. Sophomore at Marist College David Cantu, is originally from Venezuela and has been dealing with these deportation fears since Trump was elected.

“It’s scary. I’ve been in this country for over ten years and it is hard to listen to Trump speak about deporting immigrants and not be able to do anything about it.”

After going through the tough voting period in which David was unable to participate in, he decided that in the near future he is going to apply to take the United States citizens exam so he can vote and represent his valued opinions in the next election.

Students throughout Marist College and other colleges around the country have even had to endure deportation jokes, hatred and angry remarks towards them. Senior Manny Garcia was born and raised in Mexico until 5 years ago, was called out during a class on campus and there were no repercussions.

“My class was speaking about the election, and I voiced my opinion because I wanted to participate in class. After finishing voicing my opinion a kid in the back of the room yelled ‘go back to Mexico.’ He didn’t’ scream it but it was loud enough that everyone, including the teacher heard it.“

Many students are aware that Donald Trump is trying to deport mainly undocumented criminals in the United States, but do they think he will stop there? A political science major, Alemy Barreto fears for her father’s future here in the states. Barreto is an American Citizen because she was born and raised in Miami, Florida, however her father is not. Her mother was born in the United States and met her father when he immigrated here from Portugal many years ago.

“It is difficult for my family knowing that Trump is our President Elect. Luckily my mother and I were fortunate enough to be able to vote for Clinton in this election. I fear everyday for a future without my father here.”

There has been an overwhelming backlash of upset voters around the country over the past week. Students have been feeling afraid of what the future with Trump as our President may hold. It is still unclear what will happen, but Marist Sophomore from Venezuela, Miguel Madeira is trying to stay optimistic.


Miguel Madeira and his family

“It’s unfortunate to see the election play out as it did. I am just trying to focus on my studies and make the best of a bad situation until we know more about what Trump plans to do.”

As the election has come to a close, there are still many unknowns as to what Trump will actually achieve as President. Let’s just all hope it doesn’t make us all want to move to Canada.

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