Outside the bubble (October 24-30)

In news this week, the FBI reopened their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email probe, the Redskins and Bengals find themselves playing in London for week 8, the Supreme Court looks into a transgender bathroom case in Virginia, polls are getting closer as Clinton only holds a two point lead with just nine days before the election and autopsy results show that Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez had more than just alcohol in his system following his death.

Let’s take a look:


Credit to Daily Wire

1. With only nine days to go until the election, FBI Director James Comey announced the bureau decided to reopen the investigation regarding Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The emails are reportedly involving Anthony Wiener and his sexting with a minor scandal. “We are reviewing these emails to determine if they contain classified information,” Comey said in the letter to Congress. It will be interesting to see if this new information ends up harming her campaign.


Credit to Bengals.com

2. Another week in the NFL, another game in London. The Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals will be playing at Wembley stadium. This is a huge game for both teams because they are both locked in tight division races. A loss by Washington will drop them below the New York Giants in the standings, the Giants are on a bye week. A win from the Bengals will leap frog them over the Baltimore Ravens for second place. You can catch quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Andy Dalton battle it out at 9:30 a.m. on CBS and NFL Network.


Credit to YouTube

3. Virginia high school student Gavin Grimm, who was born female but transitioned to male over time including changing his name, was initially granted permission to use the boys’ bathroom. After members of the community raised concern the school immediately removed his right to use that bathroom. This then went to court, in which Grimm won the case, but following an appeal from the school board the decision was overturned and they were allowed to bar him from the boys’ room. But the Supreme Court will now be taking the case. For now the school is still allowed to do this but have offered an alternative of either using the nurse’s office bathroom or the single stall unisex bathroom they installed. “I am not unisex,” Grimm told CNN. He was extremely offended by this because he is required to use that bathroom and now all he can do is wait on the court’s decision.


Credit to CNN.com

4. It is possible the newsbreak of the investigation being reopened against Hillary Clinton has had an effect on voters. After being 12 points behind following the conclusion of the third debate ten days ago, Donald Trump now only trails her by two points. 47 percent of voters favor Clinton compared to 45 percent in support of Trump. It looked to be a sure thing that this election was over and that it could turn out to be one of the bigger margins of victories in an election. But just like in sports, anything can happen at anytime and it only takes one mistake to turn the table.


Credit t0 Baseball Essential

5. The death of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez has some shocking new details. It was determined a few days ago that alcohol played a major role in the death of Fernandez and his friends on a boat. On Saturday, it was determined that not only did he have a .147 Blood Alcohol Concentration level; he had cocaine in his system as well. He suffered many head and body injuries as a result of the crash and it cost him his life as well. His death stunned the baseball world and all of the Miami organization. It was strange because he was scheduled to pitch the next day and he was out at 3:00 a.m. It can only make you wonder “What if he did not go?”.

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