Which capping course at Marist is the most stressful and difficult?


The capping course at Marist College is where students put together all that they have learned in their previous classes. This class is required to graduate and can take a serious toll on students throughout the school.

Whether it’s writing a 25 page paper for communications or 100 pages in business, students still have other classes on their plate along with this intimidating course. Each student handles capping in their own way. However, some students believe that they are worse off than others. Who really does have the most demanding course?

Dan Luise, a senior business major at Marist College, has been going through the stresses of capping for the past six weeks. “Yeah, there are graphs and charts in the paper, but I mean it’s 100 pages. There’s really no getting around the fear factor that it brings on you,” said Luise. Luise believes that the business students have it the worst at Marist for capping. “I hear other people stressing over a 20 pager and I’m only one-fifth done with mine when they are done,” Luise stated.

Another senior business major at Marist College, Matthew Parmett, had similar opinions on the matter. “We get to do it in sections which helps, but the stress it puts on you knowing that in December 100 pages needs to be done is overwhelming especially now when we have midterms to worry about for other class too,” Parmett said. When asked if he would consider another major freshman year if he knew all he knows know, Parmett said, “I mean probably, maybe a major in communications because I hear they only have to do 25 pages.”

Communication majors at Marist College feel that they go through a lot during capping and that it shouldn’t be underestimated. Peter Dinota, a senior sports communication major, feels that capping in communications is just as heavy in workload. “We have to do 25 pages, it’s not 100 like business, but we are doing extensive research and interviewing throughout the four months of the course,” Dinota said.

The answer to who has the most demanding class was still unclear until the opinions of two Marist alumni came into the light about capping. Kelly Dynan graduated from Marist last year with a degree in Communication and a concentration in public relations. “At times capping would be stressful, but it was nothing that I couldn’t handle,” Dynan said. When asked about which department had the most rigorous capping course, Dynan said, “Oh by far the business school. My friends who took business never did anything but work on capping their semester they took it in.”

Jimmy Maxon also graduated last year with a degree in Communications and a concentration in journalism from Marist. Jimmy also agreed the business field had to put the most work into their capping project. “Business finance was the worst from what I knew. From what I understood, the workload was tremendous and is singular for those students,” said Maxon. 

Many Marist students seem to think business majors have the most difficult capping class, but some still have different opinions.


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