MCCTA students balancing academics with club responsibilities

There are many great clubs with so much variety here at Marist College. Some clubs may require a heavier workload than others, more specifically the Marist College Club of Theatre  Arts, also known as “MCCTA”.

In MCCTA, you must go to rehearsals and tech hours. Tech hours, for those who do not know, are dedicated to help building the sets and other backstage necessities.

“You need to complete eight hours if you are in one show and 10 hours if you are in two shows,” senior Curtis Brauner said.

“Jim Steinmeyer, who is in charge of the shop, and the Technical Directors of each show are really good about giving actors opportunities to complete tech hours throughout the semester, and require some mandatory work calls on weekends as well, another senior Mena Buscetto said.  “I am currently acting in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and directing our children’s theatre production of ‘Snow White and the Seven Fairy Godmothers’.”

Buscetto also said that it is very difficult for her to balance both of these because they are two different types of intense work. But she does say that she is used to it because theatre is her passion. However, it does make it difficult to concentrate on the academics. As it gets closer to the performances they might have to miss classes.

“Because I am on a theatre scholarship I am not allowed to take night classes because that typically interferes with night class,” Buscetto said.

That is another part of MCCTA because students must carefully select their classes so that they are not interfering with any major events in the club. Time management is so important to be a part of the theatre program here at Marist. “Before you audition you write down your conflicts and those conflicts are what you can miss rehearsals for,” Brauner said.

Buscetto says that with the very little free time that she has she uses to try and get her academic work done. Brauner also says that getting your work done at rehearsal when you are not on stage would also be a good idea since you might just be sitting around. Rehearsals can happen at anytime but can finish anytime before 11:00 PM. All cast members are required to miss classes when they put on a morning show of the main stage show for the local schools that come to see it. It usually takes place at 9:30 am, the directors do send out excuse letters to the professors so that it does not count against the students who have to miss class.

This semester’s main stage performance is “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The theatre program at this school is great but does require many skills. Needless to say if you want to be a member of the MCCTA program here at Marist, you need to have good time management skills because balancing your academics with all of the rehearsals, tech hours, and actual performances is no easy task.

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