Behind the scenes of Mporium from an advertising student’s point of view

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Walking through Donnelly Hall is somewhat an observers dream. Walking specifically through those glass doors directly next to “Mporium”, is the route for someone looking to purchase or browse a totally unique experience. “Mporium” opened in Donnelly Hall on September 22, 2016. Many Marist students know what this organization is, but not many know what goes into it, from an advertising student’s involvement. When sitting down with two students on the advertising committee for “Mporium”, Brianna Crocco and Maria Piscitella, they reveled how they personally benefit from such an enterprise.

“Working on the advertising team is really interesting. It’s so great to have real world experience before actually graduating.”

“Working with “Mporium” as a client has been nothing but educational.” Brianna Crocco states as a Marist Senior enrolled in Kathy Boyle’s “Mporium” Marketing communication class, and has nothing but positivity to report about her experiences thus far. Within her advertising major, Brianna has the desire to be a creative director in her future endeavors. “Mporium” is a great way to continue her focus, to give her more real world applications.

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The path to Donnelly. Original Photo by Jessica Steinacker

“As a Creative, I’m given a schedule, budget, and creative brief to work under. I have to come up with concepts, execute the campaigns, then present them and (hopefully) they get picked.” This truly gives her an edge in starting these very important experiences, and continues to giver her responsibilities that mimic those of what she realistically wants to do after leaving Marist.

When asking the basics of this organization in order to have a better understanding, Brianna had some interesting insights. As far as the transformation from the name “Fashionology” to “Mporium”, she states, “The name Mporium was created before I was in the class, however, I do know that they chose it because an “emporium” actually means that there’s something for everyone, which is what the store is all about.”

There was one point in talking to Brianna where I did call “Mporium” a Boutique, and she happily corrected me in saying, “Mporium is not a boutique. It’s a student run enterprise.” I think she made everyone in this organization mutually nod in agreement because of how specific she was in making sure I knew this.

One thing many seniors and students in general are looking for is the real world experience. Classes in communications only teach you so much, until you really desire to apply it professionally. When asking Maria Piscitella, also a Marist Senior in this class, if she feels she benefits as well she stated, “Absolutely. This class has been nothing but beneficial. Although it’s extremely time consuming, I’m getting a lot of great material that’s going to be really impressive on my portfolio.”

“I also am understanding how to work with clients and strict deadlines, which can only benefit me in the future.”

After leaving my conversations with these students they truly made me understand how Marist gives students excellent experiences. Both had great things to say and Maria summed it up best when she stated,

“I think it’s awesome that our school allows us as students to have such a great enterprise that mimics the real world. It gives us such great experience and allows us to grow in our preferred industry.”

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