Mid-Hudson Civic Center Heating Up

The Marist College club hockey team usually plays their home games at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. However, last month, there has been an issue which has prevented the hockey team from being able to have their home games there this weekend. “Our ice cooler broke down last month and we haven’t been able to fix it within the last couple of weeks so there is no ice,” Sal Manteria, rink manager of the Civic Center, said. Without proper ice conditions, the Red Foxes have had to make changes to their schedule. The team will play their two weekend home games in Newburgh rather than in their usually location Poughkeepsie.

The Marist club hockey team had to practice in Newburgh as well since the ice cooler stopped working last month. “The consensus is that it’s annoying but it’s better than nothing,” Ty Crump, senior goaltender, said. It is clear that the team is looking forward to getting back to the original practice schedule where the ice isn’t far away. The Mid-Hudson Civic Center is a seven minute drive from Marist College, but Ice Time Sports Complex in Newburgh is 33 minutes away from Marist College. “We believe that we should have the team back to start hockey activities here on the first of October,” Manteria said. “We weren’t able to fix the old ice cooler, but we do have a temporary ice cooler to get back on track until we can purchase a new ice cooler for the season,” Manteria said. 

A similar incident happened last year before the season started. The Civic Center had a problem with the ice cooler but they were able to fix the problem and have the rink ready for the start of the season. This year, they were unable to have the ice prepared in time for the season which could have been a problem for the hockey team but they were able to adjust. “We were able to still have practice, but we had to deal with a longer drive for it. We have prepared the same way and didn’t let it bother us or interrupt our way of practice,” Michael Beck, head coach of Marist hockey, said. According to Manteria, the floor is 16 degrees as of Friday September 23. They are looking to start flooding the floor Saturday September 24 to get the ice ready in time for the first of October as he previously stated. “We are just glad that we will be able to get them back on the ice as soon as possible,” Manteria said. 

The Marist hockey team will be able to have their first true home game at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center on October 7 against Keene State College if everything goes as planned. This weekend the Marist hockey team opens up their 2016 regular season with an away game against Montclair State University September 23 along with two “home” games against Leigh University and the University of Vermont in Newburgh.

It seems that the Marist hockey team hasn’t been affected too much by this unfortunate event to prevent the team from playing at the Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. However, senior defenseman, Max Henry had a concern about the issue. “As a club team, we do not receive the biggest crowd at our games, and with our games this weekend being over 30 minutes away, the crowd will most likely be even smaller than usual,” Henry said. According to the senior defenseman, the fans that normally go to the Civic Center will be less likely to travel all the way to Newburgh to support a club team. “It’ll be difficult dealing with a smaller crowd than usual for the weekend, but hopefully once we get back to the Civic Center we can get the fans back and involved with our team to support us,” Matt Atwell, senior goaltender, said.

The Red Foxes’ club hockey team will attempt to handle this weekend without the normal fans traveling with them. Sal Manteria hopes to have the team ready to practice back on the ice in the Mid-Hudson Civic Center on October 1 and ready for their first game back there on October 7.

“You have to roll with the punches and be able to handle the cards you are dealt,” Beck said. The coach will hopefully have his team come out of this weekend on a positive note and be able to head back onto their true home ice with a solid mindset and a good record to go along with it. 


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