Hidden Gem: Amici’s Late Night Pizza Window

After a night of drinking, many college students can be found scavenging for food. Luckily for Marist students, Amici’s Pizzeria Late Night Window provides just that. Here’s what you need to know about this saving grace:


Amici’s Late Night Window appears closed, but just needs to be pulled up by the customers. Photo by Jackie Venuti

  1. Located in the waterfront district of Poughkeepsie in Dooley Square, the same parking lot as the Poughkeepsie Train Station, Amici’s Late Night Window has been serving its customers for nearly a decade.
  2. The Late Night Window is open from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.
  3. The window offers giant 10-12 inch plain slices for $3 each and any specialty slices that were left over from the day for $4 each.

“No one makes pizza as big as ours. One slice of pizza here is equivalent to about three slices at other pizzerias,” said chef Manny.

  1. The chef prepares only two pies prior to 10 p.m. and the window usually sells only 10-15 slices per night.

“I’m lucky if I make $50 a night. Most people don’t know about the window or just assume it is closed,” said Manny, who works the night shift.

  1. Many senior Marist students spend their Friday and Saturday nights at Mahoney’s Irish Pub, which is just a minute walk from the Amici’s Window; however, most students fail to even recognize the window’s existence and take a cab to or order Gia’s Pizzeria, previously known as P-ridge, instead.

Bubba Phatz, popular taxi driver, parks outside of Mahoney’s waiting to take people home from the bar. “I never see anyone go to Amici’s. They either go to Gia’s or order from Gia’s on their way home,” he said.


Giant slice of plain pizza for $3. Photo by Jimmy Braun

“I have gone to Mahoney’s for two years now and have never even realized there was a window,” said senior Morgan Browning.

  1. The window remains closed and has to be pulled up by the customers. Once the window is open, the chef comes over to take the customers’ order; however, the window always being closed gives customers the idea that pizza is not being served.

“I’ve seen the sign outside, but never thought the window was actually open,” said senior Catherine Slepian.

  1. Although most students do not know about the window, it is only open when Marist is in session. It opens at the end of August, when Marist students return to campus, and closes as the weather gets colder. Typically, the window will be open from August until late October and reopen in April as the weather gets warmer again.
  2. The original pizza recipe was created by the executive chef and restaurant manager Joel Trocino. He was a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and finds pride in selecting ingredients that will make his plates, especially pizza, unique.

Trocino is no stranger to pizza making having been in the business for over a decade.

“I’ve known Joel since Dutchess Community College days. I remember him working in a little pizza joint and bringing us pizza pies to class,” said Shane Gordon, an old friend of Trocino’s.

  1. In addition to its Late Night Window, Amici’s also offers pizza specials. Every Wednesday night large cheese pizzas are only $5.

If you ever need a large slice of pizza after a night out at Mahoney’s, stop by Amici’s Late Night Pizza Window. It is located at 35 Main Street in Poughkeepsie on the same strip as Mahoney’s.

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