Sweltering temperatures sweep across campus

When the end of August or early September weather comes to mind, I automatically picture blistering heat waves. The students of Marist College know this feeling all too well, especially upon arriving back to campus with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees in the first week of classes.

Humidity is a customary weather trait in the city of Poughkeepsie Marist students are quite familiar with by now, but this past year the temperature is reaching new levels of insanity.

“Temperatures on move in day felt significantly warmer than in the past,” said Ellie Virgilio, a Marist College student.

The temperature in Poughkeepsie on move-in day reached up to 88 degrees outside on Aug. 28, 2016. For those without air condition in their dorm rooms, the temperature was even higher.

“I’m so thankful I live in housing equipped with air condition,” said Dayna Dunninger, a Marist College student. “I could not imagine surviving the school year without it.”

Alas, not all students are fortunate enough to be blessed with air-conditioned housing.

“I lived in Champagnat Hall on the ninth floor my freshman year and it was unbearable in the beginning of the school year,” said Dunninger. “It must be even worse for freshman this year.”

Despite move-in day, the temperature increase also affects the daily activities Marist students take part in on campus.

“I usually go for runs down by the river or on The Walkway Over the Hudson,” said Stefanie Mongiardo, a Marist College student. “This year I have only been going to the gym in McCann so far due to the heat and humidity.”

Poughkeepsie’s hot and humid climate makes it difficult for students to exercise outside or simply spend any time outdoors for that matter.

As a result, students are opting to spend more time in cool, air-conditioned places.

“Instead of playing football or other games outside like we usually do, my friends and I are choosing to hang out inside our house for the time being,” said Peter Cleaves, a Marist College student.

Heat and humidity also impacts the way students physically feel. The temperature increase accompanies numerous health concerns such as fainting, heatstroke, and increased headaches.

“I found myself feeling ill during the first week of classes,” said Virgilio. “I had a few headaches and felt faint at one point due to the heat.”

To avoid overheating, students are starting to get creative in the way they spend their time on the weekends.

“My friends and I decided to take a trip to Bash Bish Falls State Park in Massachusetts,” said Kaylee Polinsky, a Marist College student. “There is a huge waterfall that empties into a pool fit for swimming and cooling off.”

Most students are still opting for indoor activities but some choose to take the warm weather into account and trek out to remote waterfalls to find relief.

Although it does not appear to be cooling down anytime soon, at least Marist students can look forward to a less brutal winter.



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