Red Foxes battle with heat wave


Tenney Stadium prior to practice


The Marist Football team has begun its season on a tough note with two losses so far to the University of Georgetown and Bucknell University. This week the Red Foxes are preparing to take on Sacred Heart in their first away game of the season. However, this week’s practice has been strenuous due to the heat wave hitting the area.

According to, the average high temperature in the Poughkeepsie area has been 90 degrees for the past seven days. “It’s been tough on all of us, we’ve had to take a lot of extra water breaks in order to deal with how hot it as been,” junior quarterback Anthony Francis said. The coaching staff has had to take notice of the serious heat and take it into account as well. “Coach has taken it somewhat easier on us because he knows we can’t be burnt out for the game on Saturday,” senior offensive lineman Ryan Schneider said. Staying healthy and being aware of this heat wave has been a necessity for these players throughout this week of practice. “You’ve got to know your limits; if you feel it affecting you too much you need to get off to the side and get water to stay hydrated and in good form,” junior offensive lineman Seamus Ryan said.

Marist players are not fond of such high temperatures during their practice time. “I’ve played football for several years and I got to be honest, this has been one of the hottest weeks to practice in in my career,” junior safety Mike Marston said. Even though the weather has been a factor in this week’s practices, players still know their goal and what they have to do to accomplish that goal. “Yeah it’s been hot and brutal on all of us, but we still have to work hard and get by the heat if we want to get the win Saturday night,” said junior tight end John Boozer.

Saturday night’s weather is looking to be around 80 degrees with 61 percent humidity. “The humidity has been what’s made this week so hot I think, but we will be ready and used to the heat when it comes to game time so it shouldn’t have too much impact on our play if at all,” Boozer said.

The team is also looking ahead to next week and is saddened to see the entire week will be at least 80 degrees for the high temperature. As for now, their minds are focused on finishing the week with a good few days of practice and to come out of the weekend with their first win of the season. “We have all of our attention on Sacred Heart and we are focused on having a good team win. Yes it’s going to be hot but this week practicing in the heat will help us prepare for that,” Schneider said.

It was definitely a hot week for football, but the Red Foxes are working through it and taking one day at a time to get through it.

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