Record High Temps Send Fans Away, Constricts Players

With a kickoff temperature of 85 degrees, the Marist College football team battled the heat at the hottest recorded game time temperature in the 10-year history of Tenney Stadium at Leindoff Field.

The Red Foxes faced Georgetown on Saturday, September 10, 2016. The original start time of 6 p.m. for the game was delayed 42 minutes due to heat lightning within 10 miles of Tenney Stadium.

The average humidity in Poughkeepsie on Saturday was 78 percent, but reached up to 97 percent throughout the day.

The skies cleared and the sun shined bright for the start of the game. Although the temperature was 85 degrees at kickoff, temperatures in Poughkeepsie rose as high as 95 degrees in some areas.

Red Fox fans were not up to facing the humidity. Saturday’s attendance was 2,133; down from the previous week of 3,363, the sixth highest recorded crowd in the history of Tenney Stadium.

“We [also] had postgame fireworks on Saturday, which is usually a really good draw for us, but not this year,” said Mike Ferraro, Sports Information Director.

Attendance was down nearly 1,500 from last year’s fireworks night of 3,629 against Sacred Heart on September 19, 2015.

Some senior students went to the tailgate in the McCann parking lot prior to the game, but they felt it was too hot and humid to stay for the start of the game.

“There was no wind, so the air was heavy and stagnant,” said Allison Soderholm, senior who left before kickoff.

The average wind speed throughout the day was 4mph with a max of 12mph.

Senior Megan Makini described the combination of her sweat and the plastic stadium seat as a “slip and slide.” Other students felt the effects of dehydration, feeling lightheaded and extremely thirsty, forcing them to leave the game before halftime.

James Parady, head football coach, expressed concern about the effect of the heat on some of the players.

“Some of the defensive players were affected with the heat and humidity due to the number of plays they were on the field in the second half. Some had to leave the game for a few plays,” said Parady.

The heat became more bearable once the sun set around halftime, but humidity remained in the high 70s.

“With the temperature being where it was and the humidity consuming the field, keeping up with hydration was very difficult. Some players cramped throughout the game as a result of the weather,” said James Braun, senior captain.

Light scattered rain had fans fleeing the stadium towards the end of the third quarter.

With the weather disadvantage, Marist lost to Georgetown 20-17. The Red Foxes’ next home game is October 1, 2016 against Campbell. They are hoping for cooler weather and a better turn out as they host their first in-league game of the year.

Weather predictions for the beginning of October are temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s and a significant decrease in humidity.

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