Poughkeepsie Galleria a safe haven from intense summer heat

Escaping the Heat; One Purchase at a Time

Poughkeepsie residents escape the intense summer/fall heat at the local Poughkeepsie Galleria. Original Photo by Dylan Gordon

Poughkeepsie residents escape the intense summer/fall heat at the local Poughkeepsie Galleria. Original Photo by Dylan Gordon

On a hot summer day, one of the best places to go and cool off is the beach. For the people of Poughkeepsie and the Hudson Valley area, this luxury is not an option. So where, one might ask, can someone go to cool off and escape the summer heat? Why the mall of course.

The Poughkeepsie Galleria is one of the biggest attractions in the Poughkeepsie area, both for Poughkeepsie residents, as well as Marist students. It is a place regularly visited by hundreds of people per day, but on a day where the heat reaches the upper 90s, more people surge into this tiled oasis.

The summer of 2016 has been one for the books, in terms of the intense heat. The United States perspired its way through the fifth hottest summer on record, according to findings by the Weather Channel. New York City and even the Poughkeepsie area were hit with a massive heat wave mid-summer. This escalated temperatures to a max of 98 degrees; an inferno experienced by those brave enough to venture outside.

This intense heat wave did have some positive affects on the Poughkeepsie area though. With no beaches to attend, and the weather too hot to go hiking or hang out in a pool, Poughkeepsie residents went to the closest place with air conditioning; the Poughkeepsie Galleria. Noelle, an employee of the store Hot Topic, stated, “the mall was an awesome place to come cool off this summer.”

With this large influx of potential customers, the mall definitely had a lot more business than usual. When asked about whether she thought the weather was a big factor in their increase in business, Luciana, an employee of Best Buy stated, “Yes. It all depends on the person but some people just want to enjoy the air conditioning and get out of the house.” She said around the store that there was definitely an increase in their sales, though would not divulge the actual amount. Her reasoning behind the increase in business, “People are looking at more stuff. So they have more time to consider what they’re buying, and ultimately end up buying something, rather than just window shop.”

This also held true in other stores around the mall, one in particular, the clothing store Pacsun. Caitlin, an employee of this store stated, “If its too hot outside, people go to the mall and they buy a lot more.” Her coworker, Priscilla stated that the big sellers in their store were men and women’s bathing suits, so customers could cool off in a pool or local lake.

Marist student Nick Carrozza, who worked at Marist over the summer, claimed though, “While it was nice to have the ability to cool off, the weather really changed my plans around too much and definitely didn’t help my wallet by coming to the mall.”

While the weather did change people’s plans for the summer, the mall truly turned out to be a godsend for those looking to escape the heat.

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