Marist Abroad Students’ Thoughts on Past Mild Winter

With more than normal warm temperatures this past winter for the college, Marist students return for another year with a weird feeling that their weather predictions might not be exactly uniform. Several abroad students were actually surprised about this past winter when they returned to Marist from countries such as the U.K. and Italy.

“I was a little weirded out by the warmer weather during the winter here at Marist when I came back from the fall semester in Florence,” said Annie Callaghan, a junior at Marist. “Compared to the past two winters…this winter felt weird. I would wear a light jacket sometimes when I was in Florence but this winter I would wear a light jacket around campus.”

According to The Poughkeepsie Journal the average temperature for this past winter was above normal with the average high temperature in February being 45.4 degrees which was 6 degrees above the normal high temperature of 39.4 degrees. The average low being 23.5 degrees, 5.7 degrees above the historic low of 17.8 degrees.

“I was definitely surprised to hear that this past winter was more mild than the past two winters here,” said Adriana Belmonte, a senior who went abroad last spring to Florence. “The temperature in Florence was normally about 70 degrees and when I visited Germany I think there was only a 20-degree difference between Italy and Germany.” Belmonte mentioned how her first two years at Marist, the winters were extremely cold and long.

According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space the period between January and June was the world’s hottest half-year recorded with the average temperature being  2.4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the late nineteenth century.

Colleen McDermott, a senior, studied in London two years ago and she seem to noticed that the winter climate was not too far off from her winter spent in London. “The normal temperature in London was pretty mild. Around 50-60 degrees and cloudy. When I came back last year the winter did not seem that different from the climate this past winter in London.”

“Being from a much warmer country that was more tropical and then coming to Marist where the winters were pretty cold was a big change for me,” Ange Uwimana, a senior from Rwanda said. “The normal temperature in Rwanda is 70 degrees and it was weird that this past winter was definitely warmer than the past winters here.”

Josh Mark, an English professor at Marist, also voiced his concerns after coming back from a trip to Ireland last year. “After coming back I was expecting Poughkeepsie to be cooler.” Mark said. “When Poughkeepsie actually had warmer temperatures than in Ireland I was a little freaked out.”

According to The Weather Network, El Niño is the cause of bringing warmer temperatures to the Northeast region and these temperatures may increase. El Nino may also increase in intensity in future years. Overall, the Hudson Valley had a warmer winter than normal as well as many other countries around the world.



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