Humidity and athletic training conditions

Humidity and heat have been the major themes of the 2016 Summer season. It has been one to break heat wave records, and ultimately has affected people’s daily exercise routines. As Runner from Virginia Commonwealth University, Brie Kane states, “Running in this weather makes everything 20 times harder.”  Like her, many athletes and people attempting to gain good exercise training have been altering their norm just because of the weather changes.

weather-story-image-com322The more humid it is, the less a person is able to sweat, and therefore the less a person is naturally able to cool down. For this reason, precautions have been taken majorly in order to avoid heat exhaustion, heat poisoning, and just general discomfort. This is especially true for the Marist Football team, when going into their Summer camp training, at the end of August. One interesting note that the football team changed this year according to Ruben Avalos, Senior Marist football team player is, “ we allowed some of the off-campus football players to sleep in their homes during training camp instead of Champ residence hall due to not having AC in the dorms.” This was a major change because there always have been strict rules for the football players in regards to their training camp, and living all together is the biggest part. Player Ruben Avalos stated, “As a team, the training staff and coaches moved practice up from the afternoon to the morning due to heat precautions.” Not only are team members responsible for their own personal hydration and nutrition, but also coaches and staff members of training facilities have to make sure the players remain safe.

Because of the outside temperature, many people turn to in-door training to avoid unhealthy effects. According to a trainer at Equinox gym, Gabriel Dizon, “Even inside the gym it’s hard to keep the temperature under control, this Summer has definitely made the gym more humid than we had hoped.” For this reason, the air even indoors has been heavier and has made it harder to breathe for some.

Just like Equinox Gym, the Marist gym has been seeing a lot of change in temperature and activity. When talking to a McCann Center gym worker, Jenna Horton, she has seen the immense amount of students that go in and out daily. This year however, because it has still remained so extremely hot, the gym has also become so extremely hot. When trying to workout after her shift Jenna says, “I try to do my normal intense workout and I have to stop early because I just start horribly sweating and over heating.” Many students have cut their workouts short because it’s just completely uncomfortable to workout like that.

JD Recor, Captain of the Marist Men’s Lacrosse team agrees when he says “you get hotter so much quicker which makes it harder to reach training goals for that day.” As Lacrosse started their fall ball season on September 12, 2016, and Football and Soccer continue, many students have to adapt to the remaining unseasonably hot temperatures in their upcoming season, and personal exercise routines.

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