Do students choose class or outside activities?


Marist College has gotten hit with a heat wave as of late but it has made for some gorgeous days.

There have been some extremely hot days and some beautiful days but regardless of which it was, students are not looking to attend class with this kind of weather.

“Days like this one are not meant for going to class, they are for shooting hoops and having a good time outside,” senior Matt Parmett said.

Doug Cannon, another senior at Marist is also displeased with the fact of going to class with weather like this, he said he would much prefer “be on the turf duplicating Wayne Rooney’s skills than editing a bunch of athletic videos.”

You are probably thinking that these guys are seniors and that none of them want to go to class to begin with, while accurate it is not just the upperclassmen that are affected by this.

“I am just starting here at Marist and if I see beautiful weather like this, why do I have to be in class instead of enjoying what the campus has to offer? It is taking some of my college experience,” freshman Brian Cranston said.

This proves that even freshmen, that are all excited about coming to college for everything it can offer is being derailed by attending classes. They would rather socialize more and get better acquainted with the school.

Robert Butler, a transfer student at Marist “does not blame him for wanting to skip classes.”

“It gets tougher and tougher to actually want to attend class when the weather is this nice, even for freshmen. Sometimes it is too hot to walk and other times it is just too beautiful to sit inside a classroom,” Butler said.

If you are one of those people that likes to point out flaws in a story, your next theory is probably that “only males have been interviewed, a female would give a different response.” Fair enough.

Danielle Blacker, another junior at Marist feels exactly the same way as the other four males that were interviewed.

“I am an RA this year so that is enough stress in itself, why would I want to deal with the same stress of going to class. I would much rather just be laying outside in the sun because the weather has been amazing since we got here in late August,” Blacker said.

It just goes to show that when it is nice outside, students would prefer not to be in class. Other times it is just the beating sun is hitting the back of your neck which leads to a lot of perspiration. Nobody enjoys dealing with sweating or microeconomics. The students here at Marist College do not want to be attending classes when the weather is as beautiful as the Hudson Valley has given us, they would rather be getting their exercise outside having fun with their friends and throwing a Frisbee or football.

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