Sage advice from seniors to underclassman

As the fall semester is coming to a close, seniors are reflecting on their college experience. For some the close of this semester means their final goodbyes to Marist and for others next semester will be their last. After spending four years at Marist seniors have insightful pieces of advice for the current underclassman following in their footsteps.

“Talk to upperclassman in your major about what classes and professors to take.”  – Annemarie Morris

“Get involved in one club as much as you can and try to get on the board of a club if possible.” – Devon McCloskey


“Go abroad, go abroad, go abroad!” – Christine Higgins



“Get out of your comfort zone.” – Kimberly Spingler


“Participate in everything; engage in the campus experience.” – Nicole Rae


“Explore as much of the Hudson Valley as you can in the four years that you are here and try to attend at least some sporting events.” – Nolan Carl


“Make sure you know the criteria for your major and have a plan at all times for class and registration.” – Paul Fallon

“Don’t go home too much because you have the rest of your life post-grad to be home and value and nourish your college friendships because if you do they’ll last a lifetime.” – Ariana Guadango

1506750_10202883101940244_285682753_n (1).jpg

“Don’t limit yourself, take advantage of new opportunities, and branch out. You’ll get comfortable with people and routines, but keep expanding throughout all four years.” – Charlotte Karol



“You gotta jump in the river.” – John Peyton


“Always go out with a buddy.” – Lindsey King


“It takes a while for Marist to feel like home. Just because you are feeling uncomfortable and homesick doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision about what college to go to. You aren’t alone feeling like this so stick it out, because eventually you’ll reach the point where Marist becomes your second home.” – Carolyn Preston

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