This week in news: 11/16-11/23

With another week in the books, it’s time for your latest addition of Outside the Bubble. Many topics could have been covered this week but this article narrows it down to five, ranging from a popular singer’s new album to terror threats in both Europe and Africa with some politics and sports in between. Take a look.

  1. Brussels is now under high terror alert

Following a series of ISIS attacks in Paris, the focus is now on Belgium where many of the perpetrators have been arrested. As of Nov. 22, 16 people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. Brussels continues to be at the country’s highest terrorism level with their subway systems closed as the manhunt continues for one of the many suspects behind the attacks.

2. Gunmen storm hotel in Mali, taking hostages and killing over 20

Nearly 100 hostages were taken by armed gunmen, who shouted “Allahu akbar” as they marched into the Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali. According to a Malian journalist who was one of the hostages, the attackers forced their captives to “recite declarations of Muslim faith” as a way to separate Muslims from non-Muslims. Muslims were allowed to leave the hotel without being harmed. Among those killed included an American aid worker and volunteer for the Peace Corps named Anita Dakar who was only 41 years old. U.S. service members were able to assist Mali forces in neutralizing the attackers and saving as many hostages as possible. “Mali will not shut down because of this attack. Paris and New York were not shut down and Mali won’t be. Terrorism will not win,” Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita said.

3. Michigan State upsets Ohio State

In a shocking turn of events in the college football world, Michigan State University beat undefeated Ohio State University on Saturday, Nov. 21 with a 41-yard field goal by Michael Geiger with only three seconds left in the game. The victory for the Spartans shocked fans around the country, as the Buckeyes had home field advantage and suffered their first loss in 23 games.


4. Adele’s new album poised to break records

Adele’s latest album “25” is already a huge hit. With top single “Hello,” Adele’s third album continues to showcase the depth of her singing voice. The British singer decided to not release “25” on Spotify and while some might find it controversial, others see it as a smart way to increase album sales. According to the New York Times, “25” is on track to sell 2.5 million copies in its first week which would be the most since at least 1991. In order to promote her new album, she appeared as a special musical guest in Nov. 21’s episode of Saturday Night Live. If you have not seen the hilarious Thanksgiving skit yet, watch it now. Sources tell me that you’ll be laughing for hours about this one.


5. Donald Trump wants to create a Muslim database and surveillance for
certain mosques.

What’s a good post of “This Week in the News” without a mention of Donald Trump? This week, Republican presidential candidate has called for a system that would legally require Muslims to register for. Some people, however, drew comparisons between this idea and those of Nazi Germany. Trump’s reasoning behind it was to establish who is in the U.S. legally and who is not but many politicians reacted negatively towards Trump after he declared this, including Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Trump later clarified his comments, however, by stating that it was a reporter who suggested the idea and that he simply agreed to it. The damage was done nonetheless.

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