What is going on at Marist?

The McCann Center is relatively empty at four o’clock this Wednesday evening with students sneaking in a quick workout. Tom D’antonio told me, “I look forward to working out at this time because the gym isn’t packed and I get to use any of the machines or free weights I need too at my own pace.”


The McCann center is always extremely packed from five o’clock on because most kids leave their three-thirty class and head straight to the gym. This in turn makes the cafeteria an unbearable mess at around six fifteen because not only do the “gym-rats,” leave to go get some quick protein but everyone leaves their five o’clock class as if to see how many kids can fit in the dining hall at once. The smart move made by Tom allowed him to skip the crowd at the gym as well as the night time rush of underclassmen at the dining hall.

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