Seniors start planning travels for spring break

“We’re planning spring break!” exclaimed Erika Thompson as she sat huddled over her computer in the downstairs lounge of Lowell Thomas with friend, Mackenzie Kramer.

When they can, the two seniors spend time in between classes and their internships researching hotels and cool vacation spots with hopes of taking a trip in March with their 4 other best friends. Destinations in mind range from Guatemala, St. Lucia, Costa Rica and “we’ve even looked into Norway!” Kramer laughed.


Kramer created a brochure to show her friends the cost of their trip!

The friends have been close since freshman year and have been saving up for this moment. They are also fairly seasoned travelers, all 6 in the group having studied abroad, where they traveled together to a combined total of 11 different countries. They are utilizing sites like AirBnB and Trip Advisor to help make the trip unique and affordable.

“We don’t want the typical trashy spring break experience. We want to explore a culture and adventure together,” Kramer says, a fashion design major and current design intern at Elizabeth and James who has simultaneously been working tirelessly on her final senior design collection. “I know once we book this flight, looking forward to the trip is what will get me through the hectic days of work!” Thompson agrees – she is onto her second internship in the Hearst Tower, currently a fashion closet intern with Good Housekeeping. “The trip will be reward we wholeheartedly deserve, and a chance to celebrate the hard work we have done all four years of college.” The girls hope to book the trip before Thanksgiving.

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