Physical therapy program helps students recover from torn ligaments while staying on campus

Hassett resting after her physical therapy session.

Hassett resting after her physical therapy session.

Students have the option to use Marist College’s on-campus physical therapy program to recover from serious injuries, and some take advantage of the situation.

Junior Sunoma Hassett is one of the students that takes part in Marist’s program. “I just finished physical therapy with Dr.

Hassett's scar from surgery on her ligament tear.

Hassett’s scar from surgery on her ligament tear.

Powers,” Hassett said. “Now I am icing my knee to minimize soreness, swelling, and irritation.

Hassett tore her ACL, medial meniscus, and lateral meniscus at intramural soccer last year, and her recovery process has proved to be very long, despite taking physical therapy three times per week. “Typically, the recovery process takes six-to-twelve months for most people,” Hassett said. “I am currently at about six months, but am far from 100%, so I’m probably one of the cases that is closer to a year.”

Dr. Powers is Hassett’s overseer and is very experienced in physical therapy. “When I was working in a varsity setting, I once had to deal with eighteen ACL tears in a single year that required surgery,” Powers said. “In this setting, however, Sunny is one of my only patients.”

Despite Hassett’s negative outlook on her recovery timeline, Dr. Powers thinks she is on pace. “Sunny could not straighten her knee when she first came in” Powers said. “She has a low pain tolerance and is a little bit wimpy, but is now able to leap and bound at will.”

Overall, Marist’s physical therapy program seems to be helping students recover very well.

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