Marist Library : Always busy

Its almost 4:30 and the sun is already beginning to set on this dreary late fall afternoon. Outside there is very little commotion, but as per usual, the Marist library still hosts a wide variety of students diligently working. As one makes their way into the library, they pass the lobby full of young Starbucks drinkers and small gathered groups meeting to discuss classes and projects.  As the lobby is passed and the library itself is entered, one can see student heads looking down at glowing laptops and filling up notebooks. Some are killing time, others are cramming to finish their assignments before their next class. Others, like Vinny Marinno, are doing a little of both.

Vinny, a senior at Marist, more or less epitomizes some of the average feelings within students at the library.  When asked why he was here, or why he liked the library he dryly responded, “this is where I go to focus and not be constantly interrupted.  Vinny, like the many around him, was there to complete the assignment for his rapidly approaching 5 o’clock class.


Vinny Marinno

Vinny Marinno

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