Fox Run Construction not Breaking Stride for Marist Upperclassmen

A sudden soft blast echoes across campus. Buildings shudder violently for a second, then return to a silent calmness.

The silence is then permeated by the noise of drilling. The long, droning impact lasts for a minute, breaks for a short while before starting again.

The east end of Marist College is usually a quiet, tranquil location. Save for the drunken upperclassmen, the area is quiet and tranquil, broken only by the rustling sounds of nature and the low hum of commerce.

This year, with construction on the Fox Run at Fulton housing complex just beyond the Fulton lot, that tranquility is frequently broken. That is not to say, however, that it has broken the stride of upperclassmen residents.

“It’s not horrible from where I am,” stated Hollie Randall, a senior who lives in Upper Fulton, “except for the occasional time where I’m sitting at my house, and this tremor will come through and the whole house shakes. You’re like ‘Oh my God, is it an earthquake or something?’”

“I don’t actually notice it,” concurred Kristen Cecilione, a junior living in Middle Fulton.

Phase I of the Fox Run at Fulton housing project is slated to open in Fall 2016.

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